Spot Check

You’ve just opened this discussion. You’re curious. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, or when you last had your meal. Let’s check our blood glucose levels and see where we stand- without the planner or the journal.

I know, I know, yet another finger stick… but after six or eight times a day, what’s one more? :slight_smile:

I’m feeling a little foggy, a little tired and feel like I’m a “high” BG…
I haven’t eaten since last night, but have been nursing my coffee for the past five hours.

Testing, testing, testing… 185- wohoo!! I’ll take it!

202 - cry. No more instant oatmeal even if it has extra fiber! Doesn’t help that I have been nursing my coffee too, and started this morning with a 160-175 dawn phenom. 11:16 Pacific time.

  1. Weird because I had just randomly checked it.


According to my CGM I’m 184.

“It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno” was for lunch and has been messing with my BG.

Gordie: I hope you’re taking care of those numbers.

2.6 mmol / l (46 mg/dl for you in the USA) - yuppers having a lovely low - and fingers on keyboard are keeping up with the sponge brain thoughts!. Shovelled some Green Apple Dex 4’s in my mouth - followed by Cheez-It’s (my cat tried to ram his head in the bag I was gorging from). Patiently waiting to test in 15 minutes - as I need to hit my head on the pillow as it’s noddy nod land here for me in Montreal.

Yeah Gordie - hope you didn’t dip any lower - yum DiGorno pizza - never had one - but love the ads

I had a low this morning- 48- around 10, so I corrected with two chalky orange flavored glucose tablets.
I just checked- Now 449 EST- 159- Not bad!
I swear this site has really kept me honest and focused on T1 in a good way! My BG has been so good lately!
knock on wood

49… wtf… grrr

Stupid pasta for lunch :frowning:

173 and dropping.
i was 211 a little bit ago.

not being able to cover for snacks is not good for the blood sugars

  1. Just had lunch. Will check again in a bit…

Pasta made you 49, Sarah?

I was 57 after my botched restaurant meal (see other thread), ate 1/4 cup raisins and now 45 minutes later am 103 so I feel good about that.


117 :slight_smile: but it’s dinner for me

It’s 113 and I finished dinner about an hour ago. But it’ll be higher at the 2 hour test . . .

wow! so many of you have really great BG! I’m impressed!

ugh… three and a half hours after dinner and feeling weird. I ate something “different” than usual-
253… ouch. 4 units correction, I should be fine.

Jade, why can’t you cover for snacks? Just curious…

I just got home from walking for an hour for the Relay for Life, I got the 11 PM - 12 AM shift.