Still new to diabeties after 2 years

I just read an article about how newly diagnosed diabeties patients are treated and act differently. This made me remember where I was 2 years ago. 2 and 1/2 years ago I remember vaugely the doctor saying something about pre diabeties. Not knowing anything about anything then - I just said ok and didn't do much of anything. It was only with the doctor actualy saying to my face that I have diabeties was when the penny dropped. I was to get medication (for life), I would have to check my sugar every morning and I would have to stop eating sugar. I was sure there would be more but I would read about it and learn about it. I knew it would be difficult but I had given up smoking in the past and it seemed that sugar was going to be on banned list also.
It was a difficult(not over difficult) beginning
mainly in the first couple of week feeling really really sick
while my bllod sugar went down from 200 to under 100 (morning readings)
What's important I think is to teach newly diagnosed people that there is a hell of a lot to learn.
So much so that I still feel sometimes that after 2 years that I'm still new to this disease.
It's getting use to a new way of life.
It's not a 1 week, 1 month or a year of a new diet.
It took me about 6 months to begin regular exersice
Now I am walking 7 km/h for 1/2 hour twice a day.
I gave up eating fruit for 6 months but returned to eating it after a year.
There is always experimentation.

Congratulations! Keep up the good work! I agree we need more appropriate education.

oh yeah and here's the article

Oh, Davo, trust me, a lifelong disease gets a lifetime getting used to. I have been a type 1 diabetic for 6 years now, and still can't say that I am fully good with everything. There are people who have and it for 10, 20 years and its till hard, and there are still new things. Unless we get to that cure finally, we're all in the same boat for life - but I prefer to think positively and have hope.