Still no answers really

Just got back from having the tests done. They took 4 of those glass vials. As I already knew it would, the fasting test was pretty inconclusive at 5.0mmol/l (90) even though that’s the highest I’ve had as far as I can remember. I’m usually below 4.5mmol/l (81) in the morning both when tested at a clinic and when I have tested at home. But in the mornings I do feel quite fine. It’s after meals I feel like ■■■■, and it’s then they should test! I even told the nurse who took the tests that they should have done a glucose tollerance test because it’s then they’d see something… But oh well, HbA1c and a bunch of other tests is on its way to the lab in the city hospital! GAD-Antibodies and probably C-Peptide among them… The results will be in early next week… Until then I’ll just have to climb walls while still not knowing!

Hi Jennie! I know it’s frustrating to not have answers, but at least it is good that your fasting blood sugars are normal. This means that you do have some insulin in your system (it’s really dangerous to have NO insulin).

But you are right that you need to know more than your fasting. Your A1c should give an idea of the average blood sugars… and the other tests should help as well.

While you are waiting on results, maybe you want to limit how many carbohydrates that you eat. That will help you to not feel as bad during the day. Try eating more salads, meat, eggs and less bread, fruit, pasta, rice… definitely don’t drink any sugary drinks etc. That can make you feel really bad.

Hang in there until early next week!