Stop the ride, I want off!

The past two days I've had great blood sugars. I've been able to stay between 3 - 10 (55 - 180) and any days I can do that are great for me. Certainly better than the numbers I was having on my vacation which were high and low every day.

If only diabetes were like that all the time, it would actually seem relatively manageable and make sense. But I find whenever I feel like just MAYBE this good control will actually continue long-term, diabetes shows me who's boss. See today:

2:49 AM - 8.7 (157) - Corrected (minus 0.5u)
5:50 AM - 6.4 (115) - Breakfast
7:50 AM - 3.8 (68) - Treated
8:40 AM - 2.7 (49) - Treated
8:55 AM - 2.6 (47) - Treated
9:09 AM - 4.1 (74)
11:41 AM - 6.8 (122) - Lunch
2:03 PM - 15.5 (279) - Correction
4:25 PM - 13.5 (243) - Correction (minus IOB)
6:09 PM - 3.0 (54) - Treated
7:16 PM - 4.5 (81)

I would lower my pump settings except I have those weird highs in there. That's always how it seems to go with me. Plus, tomorrow could be completely different ...

*sigh* I suppose all I can do is hope tomorrow will be better ...

Are your temperatures as HI as ours ...Shuswap is in the thirties ...I keep on setting my pump on lower basal rates by 80 percent ..just asking: you think you Hi's are rebounds ?? it sometimes takes me that long to " rebound " after a low of 2.7 ...5-6 hours .

Hmm, could be a rebound, but I thought those usually happened immediately (your body releasing adrenaline, etc. to counteract a low). We have been having hot temperatures, was 30 here today and supposed to be the same tomorrow ... Yesterday was cloudy, the day before sort of warm but not hot. Drives me crazy, so many variables!!!

Now I am 3.2 (57 mg/dl) about an hour after eating dinner ... ugh! I am lowering all my pump settings. Just hope I don't go high (I just raised them a bit two days ago because I was running high constantly)!

I find it easier for me to rather than lowering " all " basal rates to set a lower temp for " several " hours, check and re-set after a finger poke if needed ...our reactions are all so different ...your numbers could be heat related ??? (
mine for certain ..I am wearing a CGMS connected this AM )

I don't like that my pump (Animas) only does temp basals in %, makes it hard to translate over into "real" changes which I think of in units 0.025/0.5. I also lowered my boluses/ISF as the meal boluses were obviously way too much (I still had almost 3u IOB when I was 3.2, almost my entire dinner bolus left!) so I will check before bed and see how things are going ... also probably check in the middle of the night since I've been low so much today ...