Calm before the rollercoaster

My blood sugars were amazing while I was away at a week-long workshop! I brought all my own food due to allergies; the only thing I ate from the cafeteria was some fruit and some plain salad. Despite that I still had two days where I felt awful. I'm not sure what the cause of that was, but my blood sugars were great. The highest I went was, I think, 11.4 or something and I had no lows aside from a handful of readings in the high 3s.

The weird part is that the minute I got home the rollercoaster began. Literally the first test I did after walking in the door was 2.6. Then I woke up at 2.6 in the middle of the night. High the next morning. Tested at 3.1 an hour and a half after breakfast with a ton of insulin on board. Then high, high, high ranging from 12 to 17 the rest of the day. Corrected a 16.8 before bed and then dropped to 7.4 within about an hour, so ate a snack without bolusing. Woke up this morning at 17.0. Corrected and an hour later I am at 5.6! I don't know if I should bolus for breakfast or not! I washed my hands immediately before testing, and I felt high, so I'm pretty sure the high was real and not a false high.

I'm thinking maybe I lowered my pump settings a bit too much, but I had three lows in one day. And that wouldn't explain why I've dropped so rapidly at least four times in the two days I've been home with nothing like exercise to explain it.

I so wish things could just stay how they were last week. They weren't perfect by any means but I would be so happy if staying between 3.5 and 11.5 was my level of control for the rest of my life!! For me that is great. Now I have to figure out what the heck is going on and why my blood sugar seems to be changing so quickly. I leave again tomorrow for a camp that I'm actually running, so I'd like to have things sorted out by the time I leave tomorrow morning.

I swear that sometimes I think the air I breathe screws with my numbers---how far away from home were you--LOL....Hope things settle soon, my friend!...Blessings