Storing Pump at the Pool

Okay, I’ve had this question for awhile, and I usually find discussions on how to bolus (or not) before taking a pump off for swimming. That is not my issue. I understand what to do insulin-wise while swimming.

My question for you is, what do you do with the actual pump while you are swimming? I want to swim laps at the local aquatic center, but I would be going by myself (no one to watch the purse)…do you keep it in your car? What do you do for lows especially if you leave your purse in your car? Do you feel comfortable leaving a bag over by your towel? Just wondering and I have NO ONE to ask! Thanks.

Hi there. This may not answer your question completely but I thought it might help. During the summer months we go out on our boat for 1 to 2 nights at a time on weekends. Playing in the water w/my kids out in the sun can cause a dilema for wearing my pump. I usually check my blood sugar, take appropriate action (eat/bolus) then unhook my pump and put it in suspend mode. Over the years I have found it useful to bring a sandwich size plastic bag, and a small washcloth to wrap my pump in then sealing it up in the ziplock baggie and placing it in our cooler. I can usually go an hour roughly before checking my BS and hooking up again to maintain. I have done the same w/a small soft cooler when we head to the pool as well. I either leave the cooler in the car (if it isn’t 100 dgrees outside), or I have asked the snack bar or front desk to keep the cooler behind the desk for me. They have always been completely understanding and have yet to have an issue. FYI - the washcloth lets the pump stay cool but not get too cold by being in a cooler w/ice. Oh, I also put a slimfast bar and glucose tabs in a ziplock when I take the little cooler to the pool for lows. Hope this helps!!

I would leave the pump at home and just bring a syringe of insulin. I would worry that if I left the pump in the car and it was warm outside what it would do to the insulin. (I live in the south.) I would leave the insulin in the locker that is locked. I would carry an extra meter not my main meter and fast acting carbs with me in case of a low.