WHAT DO YOU DO MM PUMPERS when you go to the beach?

do you bring your pump with you? do you leave it at home? do you give yourself a lg bolus and then unhook? do you inject a little Lanus and unhook? do you wear it clipped to your bathing suit until you want to go into the water???

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME, so SOS, i need your help.

I wear mine clipped to my suit and take it off to go in the water. We always have a bag full of lotion, junk food, etc. so it goes in the bag. Swimming generally kills my BG so as long as I swim around, it has worked fine.

I also wear it clipped to my suit until I get in the water. Not pretty, but it has occasionally been an interesting conversation starter. I take it off when I get in the water. Depending on the temperature, I leave it in a frio or cooler while I swim. I usually have to set a low temp basal for swimming, so no bolus for me either.

I specifically purchased a two piece from Lands End that has a pocket in the shorts. (I am way too old for a revealing suit.)I remove the pump when I get in the water.

However the beach and the sun are the one place I worry about the insulin getting too warm. As a result, I take a small cooler with an ice pack with me. When I am sitting on the beach, I tuck the pump in the cooler.

For me, what I do sort of depends on how my BGs have been and whether I'm planning on eating while on the beach. If BGs have been good and I am not planning on eating AND I only anticipate being on the beach for a couple of hours, I will bolus my basal rate for an hour, leave my pump in the beach house (or hotel room) and bring a meter and a spare insulin pen with me. I'll check periodically and inject as needed.

I wear mine into the water with me in a water pack, and while on the beach lay it under a towel so it does not soak up the rays, or if playing a sport or blazing trails on the beach I keep it clipped to my suit.

I wear mine clipped to my suit and take it off when I get in the water... I also have a CGM and bring my BG machine with me so I can keep a close eye on my BG...