Hi, Just thought I’d introduce myself here. I have to say I’m already glad i found this site and i just signed up a few moments ago. I was diagnosed just under a year ago, which was the start of a week in the hospital. I was never the type to go to the doctor so when i suddenly lost weight and felt sick i just wrote it off as the flu. Next day i was taken to the ER, the first hospital wrote me off as a drug user (even though I’m straight edge) and left me in the waiting room 5 hours . My father then rushed me to another hospital where i found out what was wrong, my blood sugar was 795. To be honest only in movies had i heard of diabetes. I have 8 siblings, 18 neices and nephews, 70+ cousins and including me there are 2 diabetics, so when the doc told me what it was, I was shell shocked. After spending a week in the hospital and learning how to use all my new toys, i really struggled, I was almost afraid to eat, so i got alot of lows and learned how bad that can get really fast. Almost a year later i seem to be in great control, but I dont have anyone around that understands what i’m doing. I seem to have to explain myself when i get a small tastykake cause its and hour until dinner and a little low or why i have a needle on my person at get togethers. I’ve been reading some discussions on here and for the first time i really dont feel as alone in this. Sorry about the rambling. Thanks for listening

Welcome aboard. Thanks for sharing your story. Enjoy the site. You will find many new friends here! Take care…

Hey James,
Welcome and feel free to ramble because you are among ppl that go through similar stuff to you and sometimes a good ramble makes you feel a lot better I should know.lol
Seems like your handling things well and I hope you carry on in that path,we are all here to share ideas and encourage one another so anything you might be feeling or thinking let it all out because there might be someone else feeling the same.


Don’t worry about rambling on. You evidently have seen any of my blogs and/or entries!!! lol

There are so many people out there that know nothing about diabetes. It is our job to educate our families and friends if you want a moment’s peace. Of course, you come to hate the question … “should you be eating that?”!!! Not that it’s any of their business, but you may need to add that you are trying to maintain a level amount of glucose in your body so you don’t go too low. Usually, if that doesn’t shut them up, I just smile and walk (actually, roll) away from them and leave them with their mouths hanging open. Honestly, most people will listen and take it well if you calmly explain. I know, though, it’s none of their business; BUT I feel that it is our responsibility to be ambassadors.

Keep a smile plastered on your face and make them guess!!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI


I have found this site about a month ago… I check it every night just to see how every one is doing… I just LOVE it so much…
I love to read the older post some times it make me realize that I am not the only one on planet Earth that has my same issues… Some of them are funny and some are not… I have found out that “my sercert cheats” are not sercert because alot of people do the same things I do… And I love that about this site…