Strange behavior - glycemia index


Maybe some of you can help me understand following situation. I got my glycemic index tested a few months ago at the doctor, in the morning without eating everything. I had 101 ( ideal range for my age, 27 years old; maximum 99 ).

I am going to the gym, doing low cardio and weightlifting almost every day, I have a very very low sugar intake every day ( some days I am not eating anything sweet ). I thought it was because I was taking some flavored protein powder and I stopped.

I purchased Care Sense N, a device which can help me test my glycemic index at home.

Last week I had 110 in the morning, at around 4 o’clock after some meals I had 107 and later in the afternoon, around 10 PM, I had 98.

I tested it again this morning. I had 115 on an empty stomach and 1 hour and 15 minutes after eating ( 8 egg whites + 80g of oats ) i had 109.

Very strange. As far as I know, after eating it should raise, but for me it’s higher in the morning and lower after eating. Should I get worried ?


Anyone ?


Hi @Kosmog! Sorry you haven’t received a response on this. May be that others were confused as I was by the term “glycemic index,” as I’ve only seen that applied to foods–e.g., rice has a high glycemic index. Took a sec to realize you’re just talking about blood glucose.

“Dawn phenomenon” is a thing. For a lot of us who don’t produce insulin, our BG rises significantly toward dawn, part of the body’s preparation for getting up and fighting bears at the cave mouth, or the morning commute, whichever. It sounds like that may be playing a role, if it’s a consistent thing. Sometimes eating something actually helps bring it down because it kicks your insulin production into gear.

  • The numbers as they stand don’t sound alarming, but if they’re at the top of the normal range it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye on.
  • BG meters vary widely in accuracy, and Care Sense N is not one I’m familiar with. Contour Next is generally rated at or near the top
  • Did you have an a1c test done? That would tell you more about how you’re doing over all.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, sorry. I was referring to BG level.

Didn’t have a Hb A1c test, but I’ll do one for sure in the following 1-2 months.
I’ll continue monitor my BG levels. Yesterday evening, around 9PM, before eating it was 105. Today’s morning I had 105 ( around 2 hours after waking up, went to the gym and when I returned I tested it )


One thing you might want to do is check your meter’s accuracy. Many meters come with a little vial of calibration fluid with a set glucose concentration so you can check if it’s registering your samples correctly. As I said, these devices can vary widely as to accuracy–some can be off by 20 points or more. Care Sense doesn’t show up on the major across the board reviews I’ve seen (here’s a good one) so I really don’t know how trustworthy it is, which may matter quite a bit when you’re looking at numbers that are are marginally above or below the normal range.

ETA: if you search this site there are a lot of discussions about glucose meter accuracy.