Strange response to Metformin

Forgive me if this is TMI, but I seem to be having the opposite reaction to Metformin from most. I don’t have tummy aches, and my stool has been, um, scanty? Not constipated per se, but not the volume I am used to. Also, my clothes are all getting tight, even though I am losing weight on the scale. To be honest I am starting to think I might explode or something.

Any ideas? I thought I might try using flax seeds as a relatively low carb fiber supplement… I have been trying to drink an extra lot of water. I haven’t tried any herbs or drugs to move things along, but I might soon, I want my pants to fit.

I have the exact opposite on Met - I have very loose stool. So much so that I have to be on the ER version. However, it does give me gas, and so what you may be experiencing is bloat from gas. I have never heard of Met constipating someone. But as we all say here YDMV! (Your diabetes may vary.)

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I have had less bowel movements since starting Metformin but I also started a low carb diet at the same time and I am thinking that it is due to that. I am eating less and less junk (empty calories with no nutrition like white bread, potatoes etc) so I think my body is using a lot of food I eat as opposed to creating a lot of waste. There are days when I don’t have any movements. But when I have them they seem to be larger and more consistant. I eat more fiber than I did before. At the beginning, I had some constipation but I think that was because my diet caused so abruptly. I had some “poops” that took me days to get out - it was painful and made my hemmoroid bleed. (But I have had problems with constipation in the past). I finally took a stool softener.

I ground my flaxseed and sprinkle in on my salad and sometimes in other things too. Too much can upset the stomach for some. You only need a tablespoon a day.

Not sure what to tell you other than maybe it is water gain since you are drinking alot. Are you sure you aren’t swelling up? I don’t think many people are allergic to Met but some might be. You didn’t mention how long you have been taking it.

It seems odd that you say you are gaining weight but it is not showing up on the scale. If it is just around your stomach, sounds like air or bloat to me. If you have been eating alot of fiber that might be it too. Try some Gas-X and keep drinking the water.

I can relate. I take Benefiber every morning which has really helped.

Agree, Benefiber should be used along with Metformin if you are having trouble in this area. My diabetic nurse told me this also.

Thanks everyone, good to know I am not alone. I also follow a low carb diet, but I definitely took it up a notch when I was diagnosed officially and started on Metformin. I tried to add flax and more leafy greens this weekend and it helped. I also think your are right about the gassiness.

Thanks again!