This afternoon I had the strangest thing happen after eating lunch. In all of my 48 years, living with D I don't remember this ever happening. I had eaten lumch, which consisted of a large green salad with some chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers and salad dressing (the real kind of dressing). I also had a half an apple. When I finished I watched tv, thinking I would wait an hour and test to make sure my bg was within safe range before leaving for some errands.

When the hour came to test I felt somewhat strange. I tested and bg was 79 so I took 12 gms of glucose. I tested 30 minutes later and bg was only 81. The 12gms of glucose should have increased my bg more then 2 points. Then I started to feel even stranger. I was looking at tv and the screen looked purple. I dozed off for a few minutes and when I opened my eyes the screen was still purple plus the room seemed darketr and I felt drained. It got to the point that I couldn't move and I didn't try. Several hours laster I continued to feel that way I stayed on the sofa for hours before my eye sight returned to normal.

When I was finally able to move I felt like I had a seriously low incidence of low bg. That type of feeling that leaves you shaky and moving slow. I don't know if anyone has had that type of experience but would like to hear from anyone who has.

My vision was on and off in purple and yellow for about two months after I went on insulin. It has never happened from a low. I think it’s interesting that you saw PURPLE like me.

I have had this happen about 4-5 times in the last 4 years. Not necessarily purple, but to the point I am not seeing well and my bgs is normal and I it takes about 1/2 hour to recover. First time it happened my eyes were checked and they were fine. I did not check into it further, but in my opinion it is some sort of wierd vascular thing going on and perhaps could be due to fluctuation of bgs or perhaps the long term effects of diabetes. Don’t ya love the stuff I come up with? :wink:

Hi I found you, 48 years, wow you have 3 more than me…remember the old times?! No I haven’t seen in purple, but just this week I had a bg of 31mg/dl and I didn’t believe it … but yeah I drank 30ml, ie 2T of coke which is based on sucrose in Europe so it works really fast. Nevertheless I sat at the computer and all the test got split up into funny overlapping boxes. I could read it, but I just thought this is very strange ! What have I done now to mess up the computer? I didn’t pass out, my husband did not ever have to help me, but it took quite a while before vision became normal again. Very, very often my vision changes with low bg values. Perspectives change. Colors get more intense. I don’t get alarmed, my reaction is usually to think - huh, it looks like this now-a-days. After the hypo, I can always remember exactly how it looked and it feels realer than when I see it “normally”. Often things are prettier in the hypo state! But no, I don’t think I have seen things in purple…

I have type 2 diabetes due to atrophy of my pancreas (hereditary pancreatitis.) I take oral meds, Glucophage XR and Glimiperide, twice daily. I was suffering horrible high bg, and so my doctor doubled my dosage of meds.

Now, I awaken most mornings with low bg…in the 30s or 40s. I have gotten used to keeping juice on my night stand. I also have snacks on my night stand. My vision does not go to purples or yellows (etc.) but it gets so fuzzy I have trouble seeing.

When my bg drops low, I first get intense heat. Almost immediately, I am soaking wet from head to toe, and then am so cold that I shiver and shake. By then, I am totally confused. I have learned to always have my lancet ready for use, as in this state, I cannot figure out how to insert the lancet into the tool.

I find that drinking sweet juice, and then having a snack will start to bring my bg back up to a more normal level. So, my night stand, every night, has my juice, a snack, and my glucometer all ready to go at bed time! I only need to insert the test strip into the glucometer, but the lancet is ready to go.

I was working at the computer one day at home. I thought somehow the video drivers got messed because the screen was getting really weird to look at. I tried to fix the problem, but I couldn’t. I realized, “hmmm, maybe i have low blood sugar”. I took 16 g dextrose and then took a blood sugar test.
(In situation like that, i rather be safe than sorry.) My blood sugar was low and i went through the wait 15 and retest scheme. When I return to the computer later, there was of course absolutely no problem the screen.

Laura, It could be high or low…it is always a good idea to check your BG when you feel strange. Sometimes when you think you have a low…it turns out to be high. But I have never seen purple or anything strange (lately)…when I was a child I remember seeing double when my BG was low. Back then we did not have meters to check it with…I think it ran high the majority of the time.

Personally I don’t think you ate enough carbs…don’t forget your insulin intake from the day before has an effect on your blood sugars…not much… but the doc/ dn one of them [lol] told me that…exercise can affect your blood sugars for up to 3 days… becareful! And let’s not forget about hormones!!! There is a time period [a day or few] when you will be low, no matter what you eat … then the opposite happens…that’s life as a woman!