Strangest Foods You've Used

…to bring up your bs after a low?

There have been times when i don’t have juice in the house and get low. The nastiest is sugar water . My husband created this mix for me one day, dumping 5 tablespoons of sugar into a glass of semi-cold water and forcing me to drink it. The sugar works fast, so it’s not ineffective - it just seems to take me longer to get my bs up.

So…when you are low and don’t have juice…what have you used?

Strange? Can’t think of anything. But something that I pick up at the grocery store are those little cake icing tubes (there about a buck each and have about 15 grams of carbs). Doesn’t matter the color, they all taste the same. One time when I was low this summer, I ran out to my car for my emergency tube, ripped off the cap and downed it. Nothing like hot cake icing when you’re trying to treat a low. Yech!

Tim, that sounds DISGUSTING, but I know low times call for desperate measures. lol

those cake gels are fantastic. At $1.50-$2.00 each they are a bit pricey for treating a low, but they are super portable. I take them with me when I go running or biking. They are actually 12g of carbs. I think they all taste the same except for “white” – “white” is especially horrid. If i have a hot “white” one sitting in the car, I will find some other way to bring up my BG.

Well, it’s not really unusual, but, maple syrup. Last winter I staggered home from the busstop in below zero weather and when I got inside I just stood there…duh…not recalling where anything was (plus I had two tubes of glucose tabs in my purse). I finally opened the fridge and there was this cute little jug of maple syrup and I drank the whole thing (yes, a big mistake).

Probably worst food experience as a teenager was a part of a pack of frozen hot dogs borrowed from my friend’s parents’ freezer in their garage about 1970 They don’t work really work to help with blood sugar.

Not such weird food but an awkward way of getting it on a day without money and bad low getting lower. I had the opportunity to beg for food at a Burger King in 1980. The store helped me and gave me food.

I used to use cake icing tubes, on the suggestion of a CDE. They were very portable and were tough to destroy. I stopped using them when they started using tops that you had to cut off with a knife.

Ahem - sharp knives + hypoglycemia = not a good combination. I was lucky that my swig from the syrup jug was the first, otherwise it probably would have been stuck shut and me having no idea how to open it.

I will eat ANYTHING to make the low GO AWAY!! I used to eat icing like Tim talked about…I also did syrup too, yuck!

I have to go with you. That stupid suger water with 5 ts of sugar!

LOL…you try and explain to someone that you were treating a low with white gooey stuff plastered to your lips.

My mom made a strange teenager give me his coke when I was about 12. Diabetes–now offering new ways to embarrass your preteens.

Tums. Had to eat 10 of them to get 10 carbs into me, but it was the only thing I had. (temporary fix, till I got juice!)

Kathy - again - that sounds gross. lol You must have been really low not to know you had tabs in your purse.

How high did you get off of your cute little jug? :slight_smile:

Hot dogs?? Steve, you must have been desperate! I’ve had to beg for food before. I had left my debit card at home and was not going to make it back to my house. My supply of candy in my car was gone (there’s a reason I don’t keep candy in my car for lows - I eat it) and I had to go to a Jack in the Box and the workers there gave me a Coke.

I bought back their money later that day - they said they had done that before for a diabetic customer and understood. :slight_smile:

Kayce, I’ve had to drink honey before. Not really good either in large amounts. lol

Ok, Heidi - you win! lol

When my daughter was at her dad’s for the weekend she went low. Had I known he wasn’t stocked with supplies I would’ve sent some with her. She had to eat large amounts of Altoids to raise her blood sugar - not exactly a 7 year olds favorite “treat”. Now every time she sees them in the supermarket she cringes. (and I make sure she has juice with her when she goes to her dad’s place.)

Altoids are strong peppermints, right? I can understand her not wanting them anymore. When I was her age, I wanted to eat cookies when I got low. My mom had this gel that came in a silver package - it was green and looked like snot - needless to say, I hated it.

  1. Yes it was scary. But, more annoying because I had to get up every hour throughout the night to see where I was headed.

Monogel- that stuff was extremly nasty!!
my parents did that to me as well (YUCK)