Stress and BG's

Good afternoon everyone. So lately I haven’t been getting enough sleep. I’ve tried going asleep early, but high BG’s have kept me up. I’ve noticed on my CGM they have been in the range of 210 and 260. Usually, I’ll inject 1.5-2 units to bring it down enough so I can sleep comfortably and not keep waking up to go to the bathroom.

I’m on Toujeo and Novolog. I’m taking 18 units of Toujeo in the morning everyday at 8:30. Just one time. Novolog between 4-7 units at breakfast, lunch and dinner according to my Endo’s orders.

When I do get proper sleep, my BG’s are in range (80-120), having me to inject less Novolog. When I’m up throughout the night, my sugars usually run high throughout the morning, having me to inject more Novolog.

Does sleep effect BG’s?

Everyone is different, but if I don’t get enough sleep my numbers tend to run high and are harder to control. I’m also hungrier if I’m tired and tend to not make good food choices. If I’m tired and grouchy, cookies taste really good! Perhaps splitting your long lasting dose could help. When I was Lantus I took 50% every 12 hours to maintain steadier control.

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Yes stress and lack of sleep can definitely affect bg- mine can go either way, high for hours or low a lot of the time if I get up too early without enough sleep and eat, sometimes even with enough sleep. Make sure you get the sleep you need.

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I never get what people call “enough sleep” but I have not seen sleep or lack thereof effect my BG much one way or another. Stress generally drives my BG down - sometimes hard! Something I have to watch out for.

Stress definitely affects my BG. Since getting a CGM I see that quite dramatically–was thinking of posting on it myself here, because I have a high-stress situation at work that’s going to be going on for months and I’m struggling to keep my BG’s in range.

One question: your description posits lack of sleep as the stressor, but stress can certainly cause problems sleeping–is there another source of stress involved? Also too, just to confirm: you’re not seeing this overnight BG rise when you are able to sleep through? Because our old friend dawn phenomenon can also figure in here, and that’s something that can change with time. I didn’t have any problem with it until I was in my 40s, and at first I had no idea what it was.

Stress definitely makes my go up,. & since i got my cgm, i find it go down,.

but here, somethings i find to help, i like to do yoga, it helps take my mind, off stuff, & drawing helps me to,.

Yes, there’s another stress involved. Any kind of stress I put on myself effect me BG’s. However, the one stress that is aggravating me is not being able to sleep comfortably at night because of high BG’s. So what I’ve done to make sure I get a full nights rest is by correcting my insulin intake.

No, I do not see the overnight high glucose if I sleep through. It’s odd, but it happens. I was just curious if maybe it was all in my head or it was actually my diabetes.