Stress does play a role in your BG's. And another doctor fired

To start off with I am not going back to my Primary Care Physician mostly because she thinks 140 mg/dl is okay for a fasting blood sugar. Now, on to my next doctor visit…

Okay, so I just got back home from my first endo appt. Boy, was this rough. My appt. was at 12 Noon. All times are estimates but not that far off.

11:45 we arrive for paperwork.
12:10 received paperwork.
12:17 returned paperwork.
12:30 apology for the wait, (the copier is down)

At this point I think they are having a bad Monday and I take a deep breath and wait. It can’t be too much longer.

1:10 called back to a room for the nurse to check BP, BG, weight, etc. Asks if I have a meter that is downloadable. Sure, I say, and give it to her.
1:15 Moved to the exam room.
1:20 The doctor pokes his head in and says woops you’re not Mr. XXX. I’ll be right back in 5 minutes.
1:30 Nurse comes in and says I couldn’t download your meter, I’ll explain why when I come back and proceeds out of the office with my meter in her hand.
1:32 Doctor finally arrives and checks me out.
1:45 Off to the doctors office to chat.

If the timing of all of this was not enough to really make me mad the conversation was even worse.

Now, understand this is my first visit with him and part of my appointment was supposed to be Diabetes Education. He looks over my notebook with my numbers and says “You have very good control (which is true right now) but I want to switch things up”. Stop taking the BP medication your primary care gave you and take this instead. Stop taking the Januvia and Glipizide and start taking the Actos.

Me: "Why? I have good numbers."
Doc: "I think you will do better on just one medication"
Me: "Actos helps with the IR but Glipizide and Januvia increase my insulin production. How do you know which one I really need?"
Doc: Basically he goes into the difference between the 2 and not how it relates to me. I shut my brain off at this point and just want to leave.

2:15 Back at the receptionist, it takes 15 minutes to run my debit card
2:30 I am asked if I mind waiting until Fed Ex shows up with their toner cartridge so that she can make copies of the prescription to place in my file?! I had many things to say to her at this point and was stopped ever so gently by my husbands hand placed upon my back. Thank you George for wanting to take the extra time with me to learn about diabetes! If he had not been there I would’ve totally lost it.

2:45 Can I have my meter back?
2:50 Here you go.
3:00 BG check in the car, 250 mg/dl, that was the first reading of over 200 I have had in 2 to 3 weeks. Stress does take it’s toll on your sugars. And, the rubber piece covering up the hole to put the computer cable in was completely torn off by the nurse who took my meter. I don’t care now but at that very moment it was enough to make me cry.

Is it too much to ask for a doctor to tell me what is going on with me and not just throw drugs at me to see if it works?

Yes, you are right stress is a major factor. We have seen the craziest numbers when Manuel is stressed out. It seems like nothing else (insulin units or diet) matters if the hig stress in on top.