Stress Related Highs

Anyone have stress drive their blood sugars through the roof? I was 127 post breakfast (the same ole breakfast I always eat) when work got stressful and I peaked to 230… I had to double my correction to get down… How do you deal with stress /keeping it at bay to ward of highs or treating those highs…

Thanks for that, I love it “revenge bolus” hehe :slight_smile:

After my last big work presentation I was at 275! Stress and lack of sleep has a huge impact on my numbers.

I’ve even sometimes named highs after the partner at my firm that gave it to me . . . that, and the infamous Bar Exam High of 2008 . . . .

Only thing to do is to bolus 'em dead. (The high, not the person causing you the stress!)

I like the idea of naming highs…
This is going to make meetings much more interesting.

Oh yes! When I took my licensure test for grad school I was around 100 when it started and over 300 an hour later. When I did my last presentation for grad school I ran in the 250s all day, no matter how much I corrected. I just keep bolusing until they come down when it gets to that point of BG madness. I find if I can be mindful of the stress before it starts to affect me physically and start shooting my adrenaline levels high, I can control the BGs better. Relaxation breathing and muscle relaxation really seems to help me from going too high. It doesn’t always work though :wink:

Thanks for the feedback… it is like a video game I just zap that high agagin and again until it falls over… The CGM is really helping me see trends…

Absolutely stress causes highs for me too.
I actually went into ketoacidosis once because of stress. Even though I was bolusing and drinking only water, my BG kept going up and up and up- eventually, at 500, I was carried into the ER and stayed in ICU for 5 days.

Now, I just try to not care about stuff so much. And if it gets my feathers up, I breath deeply a few times, and then talk about it in the most calm fashion that I can muster.

When it starts going crazy - how close together can you do the corrections? (revenge bolus) 2 hours? 4 hours? 10 minutes? (just kidding on that last one)

The worst thing to do is to get further stressed about being high…:slight_smile:

I just had a stress related high today too. I had to go and confront someone about something at school today and it was after breakfast I was 149 then I had the confrontation, checked because of feeling funny, and was 310! I’ve been correcting and now it’s lunchtime and I’m still in the mid 200’s. Today will be a fun day…


Wow, that is a tough one. I have been there more times then I’d of liked. So you are cranky before the blood is high and then cranky because the blood is high sigh… by tomorrow it will all be anew…

Hang Tight!