Stressful career

Hey All! I did finish college about three years ago, but I do work in a stressful job that does affect my health and blood sugars. I am just wondering if anyone has advice about dealing with blood sugars affected by stress? Thanks!

I like to chart mine to see a general trend, and since im on a pump, I can do a temp increase to 110 or 120% to help keep it down.

try that or talk to your doc?

Thanks for the input… good idea

Sometimes my job doesnt allow me to test because I get so busy ! There are times I come home and check and im over 400 mg TILT ! There are days I wish I had a desk job and I could just pull my meter out and check myself right then and there. Any thoughts ?

Well, something that helps BOTH stress and your sugars is working out.

Going to the gym every morning keeps me healthy and grounded. I work out my stress and the exercise keeps my sugars good all day long.

The good thing is that you don’t have to join a gym to be fit. You can walk, bike, lift weights, etc. You can do all this outside or even in your house.

The most recent issue of Diabetes Forecast shares that lifting weights in combination w/cardio is the best way for people w/diabetes to exercise.

Rachel :slight_smile:

Hey April I just found this site and am loving it! I am a school counselor and have degree’s from Bucknell University and Penn State University. I guess some would say being a school counselor is stressful. I am starting at new school this year so that will bring stress as it is new. I think a lot of stress has to do with ones own perceptions and expectations and personal history and even DNA genetic makeup. I am constantly telling people how important how you think is. For me it is like a mental muscel you have to work on. It interplays with excercise - diet - and medication. I am a BIG believe in excercise and find if that part of my life falls down my stress and diabetes contol also goed downhill. I try to do at least a 1/2 hour brisk walk everyday. I run about 3 - 4 times a week for about 3 miles a day. I really hope to get weights going as I know that helps. You and others may be interested in this podcast I did a while back - This site is a great diabetes resource. It is my thoughts on the importance of having a positive go get it attitude:

Please let me know what u think and pass it on to anyone who may find it useful.

Stress does affect blood sugars for sure. I know it and have even have had docyors tell me no it does not it’s just that people eat when they are stressed. Bullloney. It effects blood sugar and teh entire endocrine system.

Hello April:

Our bodies and how they respond to different stresses, pain, numerous things which our brain interprets will effect our blood sugars. No magic there.

However given the incredible potential for study on this very specific topic… one hopes they will address the issue seriously someday. Gee, an hour of breathing, and quiet meditation in the morning will have the effect of lowering our BP 42 points (generic number) and reduce our adrenaline response throughout the day… give us a proverbial brain chemistry “WALL” to hit and divert bad effects of stress to the ole BG

Sounds like worthy study to me!

In the generic, I am a fan of different health practices Yoga (sic. Hatha Yoga), Karate which have very, very specific breathing techniques and assorted activities to explore the body(s) adrenal responses. How to turn it on, or lesson its effects in general.

In one word, breathing… breathing techniques (ok so its 3 words sheeessh)