Any ideas on how to stress without getting high glucose numbers. I am stressing and Dr. says to get numbers down any way I can. I don’t know whats bothering me right now but afew things might be My parents are going to D.R Congo next week and will be gone for a month.My family just had a mini christmas so our house has been full of people, which doesn’t usually bother me.I got my meds upped afew weeks ago to.Numbers are still going high. Something is bugging me and I am stressing! What do you do when you are stressed? Thank You.

Hi HB,

I’m not sure that it’s really going to be helpful, but one thing that gets me through is just not worrying about BG or diabetes at all.

With as much stuff as we have to deal with on a daily basis, it can be stressful. Add in all the “normal” people stuff like the holidays and such, and it can get pretty overwhelming. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy; more stress about your BG average causes your averages to go up!

I guess what I’m trying (struggling) to say is, don’t let diabetes become a stressor in your life. You have to realize that there is a difference between being conscientious and careful, and being worried. We all need to be careful, but none of us need any more worry. :slight_smile:

I usually do some exercise and writing. I suspect you have something you dislike (mine is exercise) and something you like (mine is writing). My thing is to change my obsession for something I dislike, and something I love. I have done this most of my lfe, and it has helped.

I also suggest if you have not, that you might consider talking to a therapist. I also do that and it really does help.

Good luck,

rick phillips

I am a type 2 and usually when i start stressing I go for a bike ride or run. My son has a wii and I play the wii boxing game. That one is pretty good and gets me moving. I have had instances where I was like 200 and after 30 minutes of boxing I am in the 90’s. Anything that makes me sweat pretty much makes me feel better and brings my numbers down. I used to play a musical instrument in college and recently purchased another one. It used to help me clear my mind when I was younger so I am trying that now. Take care

Hi Hb. Stress with Diabetes has been one of my largest battles for 23 years. It always affects my numbers in a bad way.My bg’s will go up more from stress than if I eat the wrong foods. I have just started a Yoga Teachers Training program and I can say that for me since I started yoga and meditation about 1 1/2 years ago it has helped me quite a bit. Does it always work for me…no, but my mind will get carried away at times and I will continue to stress myself. When I step back and breath a true 3 part breath (not the shallow breathing that I would usually do automatically under stress) it really helps. I know it is easier said then done. I also listen to music that relaxes me, walk my dogs and read a good book. Yesterday my bg’s were the highest they have ever been. My meter just read High Glucose. That is how high they were. It scared me, but 12 hours later and a lot of extra bolusing and an infusion set change they came down. I called a friend and she checked on me via phone calls every 3 hours overnight. I wish I could be like Brett and not worry, but that is not me. I have also learned that sometimes no matter what I do I will not always be “under control”. I just hope that I do not go to that place that I was yesterday again for a very long time. This is a great place to ask questions and for help. Having knowledge and support will go a long way in helping you reduce the stress as well. Take care and hang in there. It will get better!

+1 on the exercise. even a walk around the block helps to calm things down and work off some that blood glucose (and is cheaper than therapy) doesn’t have to be much but try it. take care

Hi HB,

+1 for exercise (even limited stuff helps) and +1 for writing. I also play loud music and some even accuse me of dancing.

Stress can elevate blood glucose, particularly if you’ve not had much sleep. Even changes in routine can impact your emotional state for a while. ADA has some thoughts echoing the advice here.

Sometimes having people to talk to is enough, everyone has their own thing. What do you enjoy?

Meditation works for me…just take deep-long breaths and do relaxation therapy - process wherein you practise tensing and relaxing some major muscle groups in in your body. I have read it also reduces blood sugar.

Take a walk… have some fresh air. If you are in a confined place… find a more open one.

Exercise… something I like to do like dance or run

Take a project or a hobby you like most…knitting gardening, etc

Good luck…Hope this helps a bit =)

Hey Amy,

You might be closer than you realize to not worrying.

“I have also learned that sometimes no matter what I do I will not always be “under control”.”

Part of being able to stay calm is knowing that things aren’t going to always work out just right. If there’s anything this awful disease teaches us, it’s that none of us have total control over the future. Sometimes we really are at the mercy of circumstances outside of our control.

The liberating idea here is that once you recognize that you aren’t in total control, you can (sometimes) stop worrying about being in total control. We all do the best that we can, but we have to let go of the problems that sometimes crop up that we can’t do anything about. Live life to the fullest and don’t worry, it will all be alright in the end. :slight_smile:

Oh, and +1 on exercise!

Hi hb,

Exercise is good. Immersing yourself in something you absolutely love is great. For me, it’s playing with my kids, cycling, playing hockey, etc. A little meditation never hurts. Five minutes in a quiet, calm place away from all distractions is a great way to clear the mind.

Cheers, Mike

Thank you everyone for your help. I have not been sleeping and maybe that is part of the problem. I can’t seem to turn my mind off. Maybe I do need to find something to keep myself busy. Walking hasn’t helped get numbers down, I do walk everyday.Any kind of weather. All are good suggestions.I will try them. Thank you.HB

Honestly, I don’t think there is anything you can do. I’m stressed a lot, so it makes my sugars go up too. Just try to relax, and don’t stress about your BG. You have a lot on your plate right now… So try not to add to that stressing out over your BG. Just work things out one by one, and when you get less stressed they’ll come down…

I added a cold onto my stress now.Guess it’s bed for awhile. : (

Awww… some hot tea perhaps and lots of fluids too. And stay put…I think you do need to rest. Hope you feel better soon.