Student Groups

I just started a group for diabetics and those interested/affected by diabetes on the Texas A&M University main campus.

The following link will give you any information you need.

It’s the first group on the campus of its kind and I’m very excited to get it up and running, however I need everyone to spread the word! I’m also looking at starting the same type of group across the US on various campuses, so if you want your campus to be considered, let me know!

Hey! Well done, I hope your group goes from strength to strength. I’ve just started a group for diabetics at Rhodes University in South Africa. I’d love to hear how yours is going, and maybe we could share ideas?

I’d love to share ideas! I actually run a global social network for diabetics, so international groups/info is definitely close to my heart!

Great! My group runs on Wednesday, so I’ll let them know. It’s very small at the moment - only 3 of us - but we only started it last week.

One idea I had would be to create welcome baskets for new diabetic students. It would have the names of good diabetic doctors in, contact details of the group, an information sheet that could be given to room mates, tips for dealing with college and drinking, info about the residence dining halls, and some nice treats.

I love that idea! I’m working with disability services on my campus to tell all those registered with them currently, so I’m sure that’d be pretty easy to get going for anyone new that registers with them.

My biggest plan right now is to host a forum for group and community members that features current diabetic students, graduated students, those in the diabetes career field, and some diabetics who are well into their careers. I want current college kids to realize that diabetes is a quickly growing area and address the individual concerns that come up when finding jobs, planning graduation issues, etc.

That sounds great. We’re a small campus (only about 5000 students in total), so we don’t have a disability office. We have an orientation week before term starts for new students, so I think it would be a case of having a group time scheduled on the program for diabetics to gather and eat and chat. Since I’m a staff member as well as a student, I’m here before term starts anyway.

I love your idea of getting graduated students involved, as well as those who are interested in working in the field. My university doesn’t have offer medicine, but I know of a psychology student who studied the adjustments to daily living needed by diabetics, and the pharmacy dept encourages their students to work with and listen to their patients. Perhaps I could contact them about it.

I really want to do some work with the actual university about the meals they offer, and finding or creating diabetic friendly options. I also want to talk to restaurants in town and get them to talk to their staff and be more sensitive when dealing with diabetics and their food issues. I’ve also thought about putting diabetics who live in town in touch, so that they can share cooking time and eat together if they want.

Definitely consider adding the University of Georgia to the list! I think it would be a great group! I have already met one student on tudiabetes who will be coming back to UGA and I am a staff member. : ) Thanks!

I have a friend that goes to UGA! I will definitely look into that. All I need is 2 people per campus to get things initiated and carry out the necessary items.

Definitely talk to the psych and pharm. departments! Those are great places to start! We only have pre-med students, but we have a very large health/kinesiology department and lots of nursing students.

Working on meals is a good idea. If the school could create carb lists or nutrition facts readily available for diabetics to review. I’m working on some food issues, but not in the same way. In lots of classrooms and buildings, students are not allowed to have food/drinks. I’ve personally been told that I can’t eat in the student recreation center. One of my first goals is to address that issue.

Even the smallest things can affect diabetics and something should be done about that.

Is your friend diabetic? (I realize the chances are slim…just wondering). I met another type one today, so there is your two. Tell me how to get the ball rolling on my end. PLEASE!


This cheat sheet for telling other people looks good.

Nope, she’s not.

I will figure out the first steps that need to be taken and get them to you by next week. If it’s anything like Texas A&M, you’ll need an advisor, 2 student officers, and to put in the information with the Student Activities. But I’m not positive on that, so don’t hold me to it. Just a good starting point though!

Ya that is pretty good! Very basic, which is nice!

Ok that was a lot simpler than I thought.

Check out this site which explains the first 2 steps for getting an org. approved through UGA. Do either of the people you know want to be in charge of this?

There is already a diabetes group called Dawgs against Diabetes there, but they focus only on Type 1. Echoes focuses on every diabetic as well as having a very international approach. Echoes is always willing to team up with other groups, so the 2 could definitely work side by side on the issues.

Typically, all of the necessary information will be provided by me because it’s a national org.

Where are you guys meeting at, or are you just getting the group together? I am a IDIS major here at TAMU. Have you thought about putting a screen saver icon on the OAL computers to gather interest?


Exciting!!! So far only my friends have found out about the group! :slight_smile:

We are meeting Monday, October 13th at 8:30 at my apartment (it’s behind Northgate, message me for directions/address). There is a facebook group if you want continuous updates on where we’ll be meeting. We’re waiting to get a room at the MSC/Rudder but it will always be somewhere on Monday’s at 8:30 (maybe every other depending on ppl’s preference).

I’m working on getting screen savers right now. I also want to do a sandwich board and fliars around campus. I’m hard pressed for time and so far there aren’t very many members to delegate to :slight_smile:

Having our third group meeting in half an hour. I sent an email around on the events listserv, and sent individual emails to the heads of catering and housekeeping asking them to tell their staff, so hopefully there will be a bigger turnout. So far no students have shown an interest - but a number of staff members have! The local newspaper also contacted me and asked if they could put it in their community events section. We had to say no, because we couldn’t get approval in time, but perhaps it will go in next week. :smiley:

That’s great! My first meeting was just organizational to set things in motion. Our next meeting will be on the 27th at 8:30 again. I’m working on getting things set up around campus to advertise still.

sigh The third group meeting consisted of myself and my co-facilitator. Sadly no-one else pitched up. However, 7 people responded to the email and said they would be there next week, so here’s hoping it gets better.

That’s very frustrating! I hope those 7 people do show up next week. That’s great feedback at least!