"Study" for my Peripheral Vision Test(s).... HOW ?!?!

Described: Dark room, head positioned, press the button WHEN/IF you see the light(s) of varying sizes, and light intensities.

Scheduled to have an electronic peripheral vision test in a few days. Frankly I truly want to study for it... I'd like to PASS !

Most lights are ridiculously VERY dim, most are very tiny pinpricks of light... not all, but most. Thought finding a SINGLE snow flake, during a snow storm was a 100% perfect comparison to this test.

1) Is there any other kind of peripheral vision test?

2) Am I just not seeing the single "snow flake" which if my vision were "perfect"/much better would perceive, see these lights differently (brighter, more easily, etc.)... or is this how others would describe this test too.

Is my description accurate to your experience(s) with this test?

I can't really help as I've never had this test done. My eye Dr just wiggles his fingers as he moves his hand toward the front of my face. Not very scientific.

My daughter sees a neuro-ophthalmologist and has this test every year. She hasn't really made any comparison regarding the lights she sees.

Good luck with the test. Do you notice any blind spots?

just take the test & stop worrying
i've had that test many many times

I have taken the test three times myself, Doesnt make me an expert but my eye doc told me if you've had ANY eye surgeries (especially vitrectomies, of which I have had 5)you are not expected to do very well at all. SO JUST APPROACH IT RELAXED! YOU ARE NOT EXPECTED TO DO WELL, SO IF YOU DO WELL YOU ARE ACING IT! That's how I approach it now, dont worrey...just relax!

I agree with Steve D, relax just take the test. It is also computerized, the dots are all controlled concerning placement and size. Good luck. Nancy