Stupidest thing you've done with your infusion set/insulin pump

I’m such an idiot. Today, I was trying to insert a new Sillouette set, and like a dork, I forgot to take off the needle cover. I would have been trying to insert this sucker for a good half hour with this thing on had the medtronic rep not reminded me to take it off. I called because I wasn’t sure what the fixed prime for this set was.

So, am I alone in being a total dunce and having a scratched up tummy, or has anyone done something equally as stupid?

I once unplugged for my shower, got dressed, hooked the pump to my belt, tucked the tubing into my pants and restarted the pump - but never reconnected the tube to the infusion site.

Let’s not mention the times I simply forgot to restart the pump . . . .


I once was doing a site change with the Quikset and forgot to take the adhesive cover off. I had to pull the set back out after I had just inserted it and then stick it right back in after taking the cover off.

So, no; you’re not an idiot.

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Oh my gosh I was going to tell that one on myself but you beat me too it!

I was awakened to my CGMS beeping at 3am one night with a high reading. Totally dazed (and groggy!) I pumped what I thought was 1 unit of insulin to cover the high til I could get up in the morning and sort it out. Needless to say, I didn’t pump 1 unit, I pumped 10 and awoke to my husband standing over me, my daughter sitting by my head and my son holding me down as they poured orange juice into me. Yes, I did politely remind them all that that was an opportune moment to use glucagon, but my husband had luckily noticed it was expired.

Forgetting to take it out of prime mode… There it stayed until iwent to eat and found th high bg.

Next best was catching the line on my bike seat when getting off my bike and having to sit down to untangle it.

I did this just the other day! I felt like a total loser!

I forgot to take my pump off when i got into the pool on day. The thing dried out started working. The next day at work the thing became possessed and started hitting its own buttons and beeping at me. I told the rep when i called I was a idiot and what i did.

I’ve actually forgot to put my pump back on one day when I was in a huge rush. I had just gotten on the highway when I realized it. I’ve also had to re-do my quicksets bc the sticky side gets stuck in the little thing (whatever its called… Its blue) I’ve also forgot to tuck my tubing in and it got caught in a door knob, causing it to rip out. So I think I win the title of biggest idiot with their insulin pump. Haha.

i used to put the infusion set on top of the iv3000’s, and one time i put the infusion set on before i took of the final part of the packaging

needless to say, i had to waste the entire infusion set

I have also forgotten to put my pump back on after a shower and gotten it snagged on a doorknob! I am sure there will be more incidents to come in the future! Ha!

Yep, done the ‘walked past a door knob and got my tubing caught – whole set got yanked out’. Almost felt relieved as I knew that was an obvious accident waiting to happen. Did it in the early days, and have not done it since. Years later I also got out of the shower and rushed off to see my sister – an hour’s drive, only to find a few hours after that that I had not put my pump on. AND I’ve done the bit where you forget to take the little blue cap off before trying to put a quick set in. What’s left to forget or accidentally do?! Injections were just a little more low-tech!

just today, I went to connect the quickset after my shower, but didn’t “lock” it. A short time later (after a breakfast of 37 carbs) I had a blood sugar of 303. :frowning:

Have done this a few times! I also reattached and did not realize it was not locked in…result = delivery, but not into me! I often find I do things like this when I am busy w/ doing stuff for others. I always tell my family…do not come over until I have been up for at least 2 hours:) Need my meds, check blood sugar and get a cup of coffee in me!

Once I inserted an infusion set without priming first.

I usually change out my infusion sets in the morning. One morning I was really, REALLY tired. I put in my new set and left for work. At work, I noticed that I had the new cannula in but I had forgotten to hook up the tubing and pump! I MUST HAVE LEFT IT AT HOME. So, I ran out of work and hurried home… only to find that I had left the old infusion set on. I had the new one on WITH the pump connected the whole time. I felt so stupid :slight_smile:

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So one friday I get home from work. I go down to the basement to watch some TV & and chill. As I’m getting engrossed in my show, I hear this faint beeping. Sounds like a smoke dector Great. I go upstairs and the smoke detector is just fine, but I still hear the beeping. "Honey, do you hear that beeping ?’ Sure do… Go back down stairs…maybe its the sump pump alarm…no…feed back from the TV (turn it off) …nope. Oh my g-d it’s the alarm system, just what I need…nope…cabron monoxide detector…nada. Up to the third floor…got to be something up there…nope. In the mean time I get “It’s gone now” from the wife…No way I still hear it are you deaf ? Back to the basement. Time to start unpluging stuff…nothing. In the mean time the wife is on the phone to the alarm company, but according to them everything is fine. I live in a town house and my neighbor is hard of hearing…It’s HIS smoke alarm. Run outside ( mind you it’s about -20 with the wind chill) nothing. As long as I’m out I run around to the back of the house…nothing. Back inside. I’m clueless. Now the wife wants to call the local Fire Department. HOLD on a second ! I sit down in a kitchen chair to think this over. I assume the clasic “thinker” position…wait…wait…there it is…Turn on the barins to the POD & low and behold…POD Occlusion. Never had it before, so feeling stupid & laughing my a@* off I change the POD & beeping is gone…Gota love that thing

This one pretty much tops all the rest for me!


Yeah I put the site in upside down, the tubing was pointing the other way and I pulled one out on the arm of a chair too. Stupid.

Thanks for the laugh!