Forgetting to plug back in pump stories

Ok, so in the like the atleasy 9 years I have been pumping there has only been one time I un-hooked to shower then left the house without a pump on,1 time only I forgot to plug back in, and that was the morning of jr. prom right before going to set up the dinning hall for that evening, I was so excited and nervous that I forgot to re-hook and went the 25-30 minute trip to the place to setup and then like after 30 min-to an hour and I realized oh-no I don’t have the pump on me, I was so shocked yea that’s my story of the time I didn’t have my head on and forgot the key thing lol…so what is ya’lls rememberable/ funny stories of not having the pump or hooking back up…how long did it take you to see you didn’t have it?? have you forgotten it alot??

I was in FL on a business trip and I checked out of the room and got in the car for the airport when i looked down and noticed that my pump was no longer attached. I had changed sites, half way, which means I primed it set it on the counter and got a shower. Well when I got out the telephone rang and I was packing etc. I can only say thank goodness i noticed. I mean I could have been in the air or something.

Well I went back of course, and the desk guy was like oh no you cant go back up you checked out. Man I was in a mess. I really needed to get it back so I went up with a security guard. Well my pump had been taken by the housekeeper, and was on its way to Lost and Found.

As the housekeeper said, thank goodness you came back for your pager. Yeah no kidding.


I just did a video about this kind of thing this weekend! I actually put the pump on but did not clip the infusion set back in…glad to know I am not the only one who has done this kinda stuff! Check out my page and see the Diabetic Brainfarts video for the story…

I forgot to hook up after taking a shower once. I didn’t realize it until I went to bolus for my lunch at work. Duh!

Hi Joy,

When I was on my first pump, it happened all the time! Now with my Cozmo pump, there is a neat feature called “Disconnect.” So when I get ready in the mornings or just want to take off my pump, it allows me to set a “timer”, it calculates the basal I will miss and gives me some of that insulin up front…and then it alarms me when my time is up and I don’t ever forget to reconnect! Awesome feature that has saved me many times!

That’s smart! I didn’t know such a feature was available.

I’m on the pod so I cant really forget to plug back in but I have before put on a new pod while the other was still on me due to just giving insulin before changing or what ever and walked around all day with 2 pods on…

Hi Manny,

Yes, Cozmo HAS what every pump NEEDS!!! It’s the answer to all the times I had said…“I wish my pump could do this…”

I forgot once after showering. But I hadn’t left the house, and not too much time had gone by, so I didn’t do too much damage.
When I was a kid, I forgot to take my morning shot. Went off to school, only to have my mom show up 3 hours later to tell me I didn’t take it (how she knew this, I’ll never know). Mortifying for an 8th grader! I got to go home, early, though, so I guess it wasn’t too bad!!!

I haven’t forgotten to reconnect in five years. However, I have forgotten to restart (“Resume” in Medtronic-speak) plenty of times, either after my morning shower or a shower at the gym. This is attributable to the fact that I am a naughty pumper who ignores his alarms.

I’m impressed with that Cozmo feature. My pump warranty is up this year and I’m considering changing brands. One plus in the Cozmo column.


I’d only had my pump for a few months and I was travelling with my sister on this epic 3 month road trip. We were visiting friends in PEI (Atlantic Canada). We went to the beach and went swimming so of course I unhooked my pump.

After swimming we drove 30 minutes back to my friend’s house and made dinner. When I sat down to eat and tried to bolus I realized I’d forgotten my pump at the beach!! It was dark at this point and the tide was coming in.

We drove back to the beach with flashlights and found my pump about 10 cm from the incoming tide! Scary and so far from home!

Cannot identify with this, oh am I happy !! …un- hooking etc. I only unhook , when I wash my hair ( not daily ) …all other times pumpy is nicely lying on the shelf in the shower stall …I am clear it does not do the pump ( medtronic ) harm to get wet …when I wash my hair I move around more frequently …actually I was looking for another word …, but the word I think went down the drain !!
I do recall , when I was diagnosed ( 1983 ) , got on the bus to work and realized I had not given a shot of breakfast insulin …I did go home and had to deal with explaining why late for work …this was tough on me ( being the manager ) …Thank goodness for PUMPS :slight_smile:

Not quite an episode where she forgot to plug back in but rather where the infusion set was not properly in place and therefore the bolus didn’t go in… the result, a 400+ BG high:

To add to above : I read on John Walsh’s , Pumping Insulin website a suggestion to avoid sets from being pulled out , after properly being connected , to add a bit of tape across the line , about 2 inches away from connection and help secure …It just may avoid an unexplainable high …This suggestion maybe " old news " already …but new to me .

When I was trying on clothes at a store once, I had disconnected my pump, but left it hooked to my jeans. I put my jeans on without reconnecting the pump.

Then I went out to lunch and gave a nice big bolus (which dripped inside my jeans somewhere?) and got no basal for about 3 hours.

By the time that I figured it out, I was well above 500mg /dl.

No fun.