Sugar alcohol-maltitol

Does sugar alcohol-maltitol raise you’re blood sugar?

I (T2) have no issues with most sugar alcohols, nor does my daughter (T1). Maltilol is the very large exception. It doesn’t raise BG, but the GI effects are horrible.

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There are exceptions but yes it does, albeit usually at a different rate than glucose.

The quick answer is, It depends. If you are T2 it may not raise your BG because the carbs are relatively slow (GI=35), but on the faster side as far as sugar alcohols go. This is the same GI as coconut palm sugar (CPS), though CPS is more concentrated carbs.

I wouldnt touch the stuff, but I have “heard”(read) on more than one forum for T1’s that eating a sweet made with maltitol gave them a slow tsunami rise in BG. They were under the impression that you dont need to count sugar alcohol carbs. They reported having making corrections “all afternoon”.

If your gut can tolerate sugar alcohols, my suggestion would be to use another type… or… modify the recipe and use a small amount of CPS (same GI as maltitol) along with stevia – stevia for majority of sweetness, and just enough CPS to mask the aftertaste, and no more. Stevia + CPS = maltitol obsolete… imo.

I hate sugar alcohols,they make me very sick. I. Don’t bother with them. Nancy50