Sugars running high on ultra low carb

Hi all. I’ve moved to an ultra low carb/Atkins diet and my sugars are running high in the morning. And they’re sticky. My theory is that the liver is dumping glucose to cover. What do you think! I’m also super active mid to late afternoon- both cardio and weight training. Thanks for your help!!!

What is your insulin regimen? What is your basal insulin and are you bolusing for protein?

How much protein are you eating @Steve_Mann (grams per day)?

Hi. Maybe 80g protein and have only been blousing for eggs and tuna fish

I’m Looping

When I go super low carb, I bolus 50% for protein and 10% for fat.

Consistently running high for a certain time of day will often mean that you are not getting enough basal insulin. I use Loop, too, and have found that a well adjusted basal profile enables Loop to dynamically adjust and keep you in your desired range.

I think of the balance like a teeter totter with one child on each end that weigh exactly the same. This means that you can add small inputs up or down to either end and easily change the balance up or down. Striking that balance is the key to setting up th situation where you enable the ability to add or withhold insulin and quickly move glucose levels.

I don’t view basal rates, insulin sensitivity, and carb ratios as “set it and forget it” settings. Diabetes likes to change the rules and if you don’t respond then your control suffers. I add insulin if high and withhold insulin if low. I do this using adjustments to basal rates, insulin sensitivity factors or carb ratios. Deciding which factors to adjust is the art of insulin dosing.

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Thanks. 50% of what? Also, have you seen you cholesterol go up


For 80g of protein, I would bolus like I was eating 40g of carbs.
For 100g of fat, I would bolus like I was eating 10g of carbs.
Also remember that protein and carbs take a lot longer to hit your system compared to carbs.

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50% or half of your Insulin:Carb ratio. If you take 1 unit for every 10 grams of carbs, try 1/2 that (1 Unit for every 20 grams of protein).


Ya know… I saw a dietician who works in my Endo’s office today - she is clueless as to the below… and so much more… i knew it would be a waste of time – that much of the healthcare profession… even those that work directly with T1Ds no crap. The only reason I put up with it is because my Endo is a T1D


protein and fat may need more insulin to cover

I don’t know how you achieve this while looping, but I would increase my basal starting around 3am. Maybe you could dose some correction in the middle of the night. This sounds like a basal issue, not a bolus issue.

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I agree… its a basal issue… i put it up some and also started bolusing regularly for protein.

Steve, if your LDL level starts going up, please pay attention to it. Some say LDL numbers make no difference, but they definitely matter a great deal. After eating a very low carb diet for a number of years and ignoring my rising LDL number, I ended up with heart stents. At the time my HDL was close to 100 and my trigs were around 37. My A1c was 4.7. I had excellent control of my type 1 diabetes, but the rest of my body was in trouble.


@Marilyn6 I had stents put in as well… so… I have no friggin clue what to eat any more.

Steve, I have been eating a plant based low fat diet for the past 2 1/2 yrs. I feel much better not eating low carb. I lost weight and now am at my perfect weight. My insulin resistance is much much lower. When tested it is below their lowest number at the lab.

I started eating lots of fruit, vegetables, lentils and legumes, but now can also eat rice and potatoes. I eat about 300 healthy carbs daily with 23 units of insulin. I also ride my exercise bike 7 miles a day. I am 68 and have been a type 1 for 60 yrs.

No more high LDL, although I have added 10mgs of a statin twice a week to get my LDL in the 90’s. My cardiologist would like it at 70, but I don’t do well with a higher dose of a statin. My LDL rose to almost 300 after several yrs of very low carbing.

My A1c was lower while low carbing 4.7 to 5.1 but the rest of my body was showing signs of damage. I was tired, had horrible migraines, my blood pressure would bottom out when I got out of bed, and I eventually needed stents. I have no other diabetic complications of any kind, so I doubt the need for stents was caused by my diabetes. I haven’t had an A1c over 5.6 in over 20 yrs. I think I have let my fat intake climb over 15% and am now eating fewer pumpkin seeds to get my A1c back under 5.6.

I am so much healthier now. I took a course on this way of eating by Cyrus and Robbie at Mastering Diabetes. They are both type 1’s.

Numerous long term studies have shown that this way of eating reverses heart disease. Most of the members of the Mastering Diabetes group have eliminated all need for blood pressure meds, statins, and many type 2’s have been able to discontinue all of their diabetic meds while eating healthy carbs.

Hope this helps.


I am a vegan type 1. I was a strict vegan before I became a type 1 and I was never going to change that. My A1C has been 6.4 for quite a while now and I basically eat what I want. (vegan of course) I have a firm belief that lots of veggies, fruits nuts, and whole grains have healthy properties that help people not diabetic and so they are good for you if you are diabetic too. My lab tests are all in the normal/good ranges. People eat low carb because it’s an easy way to control Bg’s and that is important, but you can control your BG’s on other diets too.

Just an add, heart disease runs in my family, I am 62 and my Dad had his first major heart attack when he was 54 and my brother died when he was 57 from a heart attack, my one sister already has had issues too. I’m not saying I won’t have issues but my tests all show no problems and they keep a tight eye on it. I truly believe my vegan diet has helped my health.


Thanks Marilyn. After I got my stent I went on a whole food plant based diet. I immediately lost weight and got into great shape. I couldn’t maintain it. The diet takes an incredible amount of work. Moved on to being vegan but didn’t make any progress. So here I am. I strength train and do cardio 4-5x week. I’ve had more comps than you but consider myself healthy. Heart disease is in my family so I feel the same as you. Anyway. Having trouble figuring out which way to go.


Yes, the low fat plant based diet does take a bit more work. We cook in batches and then freeze some of the food we make. That way we actually only cook a soup or a batch of dal once a week. We also make a big batch of rice every few days and cook sweet potatoes every few days. So, most days we don’t cook at all. Rice and beans is a very easy dinner too.

In the summer we eat huge fresh organic salads and throw on a cup of black or garbanzo beans. Of course fruit requires almost no preparation.

We also make oats groats to last a week, and just scoop a bit out and add fruit.

Since we eat no oil of any kind that means no fast food and we very rarely eat out.

Sounds like you are in great shape. Good luck with your choice of an eating plan.