Sugary Drinks Are NOT the ONLY Link to Diabetes

My wife and I saw a news segment last night that just about drove us nuts. See, drinking soft drinks increases your risk of diabetes! Even 1 soft drink a day increases your risk by 15%. I quote from the article I just linked:

Previous studies have shown that sugar-sweetened beverages are strongly associated with weight gain," says lead author Vasanti Malik, a research fellow in the Harvard School of Public Health Department of Nutrition, who says the decision to examine the relationship between sugar-sweetened beverages and risk of diabetes was 'the logical next step.'
I will give one benefit of the doubt about what the researchers are saying - that insulin spiking can lead to resistance, and ultimately metabolic syndrome. The problem that I have is how the television media gloss over that, and make it into a "Type 2 diabetes is linked to obesity."

I have just posted a video on my blog detailing what I think on that!

It can be hard to understand the difference between correlation and causation. If people with diabetes suffer from cravings for sugary drinks because of hypos, then perhaps they drink more soda. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg. We are all quick to blame diabetes on eating habits and obesity, and conclude that if we just stopped drinking soda and pigging out then we can avert the diabetes crisis, but I am not so sure.

Thanks for pointing out this error in logic, unfortunately, even the medical establishment has bought into beleiving that obesity causes diabetes.

ps. I’ve gone through your nicely done blog and now I have high expectations. Many of us like to cook and we pray for more low carb recipes and ideas. …

@bsc - Thank you for the kind words! I am not all about low carb anymore - I just eat the GOOD carbs. (IE the non-processed stuff.) As for low-carb recipes - I can definitely help you all out there!

We all get pissed by these studies. More of the stereotypical “obesity” rant stuff. They just want to find the easy way out instead of being serious and seeing diabetes for what it really is - a very complex disease. Lazy doctors.

@KimKat - I agree. The worst part is that the panic they try to instill on their viewers. We are become more and more obese, we are all lazy, and we all have diabetes. See, if we just got our crap together, it would be all better.