Supply order problems

Each of my last 3 orders have had problems. My first re-order took 6 days to get insurance and 8 days to be delivered. This left me back on MDI for 4 days. The next order I was out of town so I called in the order, gave them the address it was to be shipped to and confirmed the addres with the woman on the phone. A week later I called back and they delivered it to the wrong address. The order had to be resubmitted to the correct address and once again I was back on shots for 3 days. This last order I placed showed up on time, at the right address but was missing the cartridges. I called them back explained that I was missing part of the order and was told I would have the supplies by Friday. (this was Tuesday). Well it is now Thursday the following week and still no cartridges. Once again I am back to taking shots. Has anyone else had problems with them getting your orders correct and to you on time? If so how did you go about fixing the problem? I am getting very frustrated and am close to talking to my insurance company to see about switching pump companies.

I have Animas 2020. I only had difficulty once in 18 months - a delay of about 6 days to get new Rx from Endo. My insurance allows me to order two boxes of sets and two reservors every 45 days. I religiously order every 45days even if I do not need right away, so that I can build up an extra supply just in case I have issues lie you have had.

I do like Tom. I order supplies even before I need them so that I dont ever run out. But Animas has always done an outstanding job for me. If I need a new Rx from the doctor they call and get it and my supplies are shipped out. I cant really say how long it takes because I am not in desperate need so I’m not watching that closely. I just reorder when I open my last box.

you can sign up for their auto-order program so they’ll automatically reorder your supplies. I have some delays early when they didn’t get pre-approval from my insurance company, but luckily i reorder with enough advance notice there wasn’t a break in my stock. Like others, i reorder when i open my last box.

Like everyone else, I have had excellent service on supplies. I use the automatic shipping, and they get here way before I run out. I get them delivered in 3 month time frames. I’m sorry to hear you are having so many problems.