Support the renewal of Canada BC's Diabetes Strategy . The Canadian Diabetes Association asks every candidate in the May 12 , 2009 Provincial election for their support

It is time to get serious. Tackling Diabetes in British Columbia.
Diabetes is serious .Every 20 minutes a British Columbian is diagnosed with diabetes. More than 300,000 British Columbians have diabetes.More than 500,000 aged between 40 and 74 have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. 1 in 10 hospital admissions in BC relate to people with diabetes needing acute medical care for heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure resulting from their diabetes .
Diabetes is costly …
$ 1 billion for direct healthcare costs to treat diabetes and its serious complications .Costs estimated to esculate by 2016 -up to $ 1.18 billion .
It is time to renew BC’s Diabetes Strategy .
Evidence indicates that for every dollar invested in helping British Columbians manage their diabetes effectively , the government saves 4 dollars across the healthcare system !
British Columbians living with diabetes deserve the drugs, supplies such as insulin pumps , education , care , management and financial support needed to manage their disease .
VOTERS, Please speak with or write your Candidates , attend all Candidate meetings and share your personal stories about living with diabetes. For more information e-mail ,call toll-free 1.800.563.0032 ( 226.8464) ,
Here you will find the BC Election Campaign Kit :

an addition : visit http;//
An added feature :after you click on this you will see 2 pictures of advocates, below 2 links , the second link shows me being intervieved by Sandy Struss from Vancouver , right here in Salmon Arm , BC.
Only 10 more days before the Provincial Election . Please have your voice heard about diabetes !.
Thank You from everyone living with diabetes in British Columbia

Today is the day , where you can make a difference for people living with diabetes in British Columbia , Canada by going to the voting station . Don’t miss the opportunity .Thanks, N.

A record low turn out of voters …about 48 percent of 3.2 million elligible voters went to the poll , down from 58 percent in 2005 .Possibly lots of reasons , could it be the the hockey play off season or are we just plain happy with the status quo or ?? .
One positive note from our Advocacy Team …all the politicians , who we met in Victoria, Feb. 2009 have been re-elected .Not known if this is a coincidence OR ?..I like to hold it as " we made a difference " …and my personal thanks to you , who contacted your candidates on the issue of diabetes. My next thing on the" to do " list : thank my candidates and congratulate Mr. Abbott .