CGM funding in Canada for low income earners

Does anyone know if there are any programs or organizations in Canada that will help fund DEXCOM OR LIBRE 2 devices for people who are receiving provincial government disability pensions? I checked BC Pharmacare and I don’t quite meet the guidelines for funding support.

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@Jibcdiabetic , I was reading in several different sources what appeared to be funding for the Dexcom G6 was at the provincial level. Does your reference to BC Pharmacare mean you are in British Columbia?

There is at least one Facebook group where I have seen discussion from people in Ontario. The group is ‘Tandem Diabetes Control-IQ Users’ Group’. Once there, you may be steered to some better sources.

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In BC the province recently announced “100%” coverage for Dexcom CGM for those who are eligible. Best talk to your Endo as details were sparse and, knowing political announcements, some spin is/may be involved… I suspect it covered thru pharmacare for those who are 100% insulin dependent it may even discriminate down to pumpers or T1 only. Pharmacare typically covers 100% of approved Rx once the income based deductible is reached. This item may have been added and would likely require Endo based screening and approval for BC govt to consider approval. If there is any info on coverage thru this or any other programs besides insurance any Endo worth their salt would be aware. So check with Endo. I know I will at my next scheduled appointment as I’m also interested.

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That’ll be great Bill. I know here in Ontario, it was turned down back in May. Many of us got on the band wagon in social media and I even wrote a blog that listed all the “nay” members who turned it down. What’s even better, is Quebec, that I left because I didn’t qualify for an insulin pump due to my advanced age, is now covering the Dexcom! Because I can do both MDI/pump … it’s been very tempting to move to a province that has CGM coverage, but to move at this time, would be crazy. So, continuing to replace batteries in friends with benefits expired G5 transmitters … and expired sensors (that still work good for at least 20 days average).

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