Supporting the Color Blue for World Diabetes Day

A member posted a blog post asking people to wear orange in support of women with diabetes during the month of November. I along with several other people commented about the color blue already being put out there to support diabetes. Those comments have now been deleted. Apparently, only people that support the color orange are allowed to comment on that blog.


I think trying to push a different color would only confuse the issue even more. I encourage everyone to support diabetes and help get the word out there. But the fact is, the blue circle is the logo of World Diabetes Day. I copied this paragraph from the World Diabetes Day website explaining the blue logo:


The World Diabetes Day logo is the blue circle - the global symbol for diabetes which was developed as part of the Unite for Diabetes awareness campaign. The logo was adopted in 2007 to mark the passage of the United Nations World Diabetes Day Resolution. It is a simple icon that can be easily adapted and widely adopted, the circle symbolizes life and health. The colour blue reflects the sky that unites all nations. The blue circle signifies the unity of the global diabetes community in response to the diabetes pandemic.


I personlly prefer the color orange over the color blue, but I am not the one that picked the color. Even if I do not care for the color blue, I can see the reasoning behind the choice of blue as the color to represent World Diabetes Day. Had I been allowed to vote and someone presented why they thought blue should be the color of choice, I probably would have voted for blue regardless of whether it is my favorite color or not. I don’t know how the color orange unites people other than on trick-or-treat day.


We all should be working together to bring awareness to diabetes no matter what type, sex, race or country you are from. We are all in this together. Maybe the person that wrote the blog post about the color orange was not aware of World Diabetes Day – she is a new member here so may have never heard about it before. But I don’t think deleting people’s posts that pointed out the significance of the color blue was the right approach in making awareness to her cause. But of course, only the people that had already commented and received an email notice with other people’s comments know that anyone disagreed with the color orange.


If you want to support orange or some other color, I promise I won’t delete your response! As I said, we should all work together and we all have a right to be heard. But I feel people are already confused enough about diabetes and we don’t need to confuse them even more by having them wonder what color really represents the diabetes community.

I agree with you. :frowning: BLUE is our color… Not orange. The world is already confused and divided enough about Diabetes, we don’t need to throw in new colors into the mix to get everyone even more screwed up. :confused:

It also bothers me that they center their theme around women, as if Diabetes only affected women, or something… Much like breast cancer centers their theme around women, and isolating the many men who have also suffered and died from that disease… Like my husband’s dad. He died of breast cancer. :confused:

Thanks Lizmari! I agree that everyone is already confused enough about diabetes and we don’t need more colors. Someone just posted on another message board and asked what the color is supposed to be because the ADA uses red. I agree with you that it should not be centered around women. There are enough men that have it and suffer because of it.

Blue is the designated color. Agree that this isn’t a woman’s issue. It’s divisive & confusing to suggest another color.

Gerri, i do not want to enter into any argument about the designated colors. Just wanted the community to know that Yellow color would give therapeutic value for diabetes.

badrirag, I was replying to Kelly blog, not to your comment.

Kerri, my apologies for the oversight. Thanks for pointing out this to me.

How do people traditionally wear the blue circle in support of diabetes? I was thinking of a necklace with a blue circle on it. I am sure I could conjure something up. :slight_smile:

I like blue better than orange too but that is my personal preference.

I don’t have anything with a blue circle so just plan on wearing blue clothes.

Well said!!! For me orange is bot one of my favorite colors I much perfer blue/ But to each his own


First of all, in medicine, a chronic disease is a disease that is long-lasting or recurrent. The term chronic describes the course of the disease, or its slow rate of onset and development. As an adjective, chronic refers to a persistent and lasting medical condition.

Diabetes has NO cure, and it often takes years and years to develop it; it is, therefore, CHRONIC, as it is long lasting, and even with tight control, it is a degenerative, long lasting disease. In medical spheres, there is NO difference between the terms “disorder” and “disease”. I really hate this stupid politically correct ranting over semantics of what to call it. Whatever you want to call it, it is NOT going away. It has no cure.

Also… we are talking about world wide colors that REPRESENT conditions and diseases, in terms of raising awareness. NO ONE in here is talking about color therapy, or any other nonsense so that you can conveniently post your link promoting your little “health” blog of pseudoscience notions trying to pose as legitimate diabetic treatments. Okay? OUR forum is a tight knit community that is NOT meant for the encroaching of spammers, and other snake oil opportunists. Got it?

It is very hard living with OUR disease, and frustrating to have every other joe blow out there trying to promote and sell us junk ideas and products. I very much doubt you even have diabetes. NO diabetic I know would truly sell themselves out in such a way, to make a buck at the expense of their fellow diabetics’ health. We would never willingly add to the misinformation. All you have done since you join is spam us with your “health” link. Please, leave us in peace!

Diabetic Welfare Queen,

Thanks for your detailed mail. Before you dismiss as a spammer with a health link, please visit my site (I do not want to repeat the url because it would then reinforce your opinion that i am here to popularize my site) and read the contents, specially the Treatments and Therapy section.

I can see that you are toeing the medically correct line that Diabetes is incurable or irreversible ( I Agree that all these are semantics) and perhaps you have a lot of materials and reasons for your stand. I have no argument with your approach except that I request you to be open about the possibilities of becoming and staying healthier despite being a diabetic.

Sir, diabetes IS incurable… And I will add that you will quickly get yourself banned from this forum by going around telling people otherwise, or leading them to false hopes and dreams with your blog. We don’t want your kind here. (And for the record, my A1C is that of a non diabetic… So I don’t need your help. It’s certainly a hell of a lot better than yours, if that is truly a REAL A1C you have listed on there… And all without pseudoscience mumbojumbo.)

I thought this was a forum and hence participated.

I do not know under what authority you are talking about banning a member for airing his views and you have no business doubting the authenticity of my profile.

There are 17158 members in this group and millions of Diabetics who are suffering all over the world. I intend to make a difference to their lives and if you do not like what you hear, you have every right to ignore or counter with facts rather than dismiss them as pseudoscience mumbojumbo. And if you are not a diabetic, why are you here?

And you need to know the difference between a website and a blog before you make these kind of comments.

Thank you, Judith!

I am informed by the Administration that the inclusion of the link to my site in the comments is a violation of the terms of usage of the site and I am sorry for the inadvertent error. I have requested them to remove the link.

I have joined this forum with the specific objective of sharing whatever i learnt in the course of my research. The most important thing that all of us will really benefit to remember is that Our Body has great self healing potential and while we keep abusing it with our improper lifestyle, if we give it some space, it can restore the imbalances on its own. All the therapies and treatments seek to do only to support the body in healing itself.

My humble request to everybody in this community is to be really open to possibilities of healthy living despite Diabetes. Do your research and take to the path that is most convenient for your needs and conditions. Do not dismiss anything.

If the members & the administrators of this community feel that I should not spread this message of hope and health, then I will not participate in the discussions. That is my promise.