Sure-T infusion set and priming

Hi everyone!
I wonder if anyone knows how much priming is required for the sure T tubing from the needle to the anchor connection (not sure of the proper word). Basically, we’re sampling this site for my daughter and she loves it but her BG is 306 despite correcting overnight. I just realized that since it was my first time, I made a mistake in not connecting the two tubes before priming, so the 2nd stretch of tubing must’ve been empty producing the high BG. I don’t want to send her to school like this so need to figure out ASAP. I could also just do the whole site over.

Thanks in advance and have a great day.

1st things 1st: i would change the entire infusion set, insulin included. I would also make certain that you are using good insulin; if not, open a fresh vial. optimally, insulin should be room temp. B4 using it, but nothing to worry yourself about. chuck the old infusion and resevoir into the ocean, and then begin again.

i need .7 units to prime my resevoir and canula B4 doing anything else. i learned this by reading the instructions on the pamphlets inside the pump box and also by way of my CDE. each pump is different. so that should be an important step.Good Luck.

I maybe responding too late !
I agree with Daisy Mae , start a new set .
I use Sure-T's ...and indeed it sounds , that the " approx 4 inch part had NO insulin ( every inch of tubing filled is the equivalent of 1 u )This is where you need to see what works for you but generally I do not prime after I have attached the Sure-T needle to my body ...what I have done as well is leave the previous set in place( the 4 inch part ) for several more hours when BG number higher than I like ...hope this helps

PS I wear a Medtronic 554...and one of the questions, when doing a " Reservoir set up" , is " do you see a drop of insulin etc etc." ...helps me( oldie ) as a reminder

I use 2.3 units to be sure I see a small drop without wasting too much. I change my site (the part from the anchor to the needle) out every other day so I have to do this often.

Good luck!!!

Thanks everyone for your responses! I gave her a large correction this morning and was able to see her BG start to drop, so I felt comfortable that the pump site was working. Since this was our first time doing the Sure-T, and I was a bit sleepy last night, I didn't think through the whole 2 pieces of tubing and priming them both! I'll certainly not forget now! We're back on track and my daughter loves the Sure-T, so we plan to make the switch. Thanks for everyone's input! :)

I like the Sure T's a lot, too. Sometimes I will open a new set, discard the long piece of tubing and just swap the part with the needle, manual bolus 3units and attach. I agree that it is better to err on the side of caution. One of the advantages is that if the needle falls out and she doesn't have any spares, your daughter can reinsert. Be sure to change sets every 2-3 days, because these are more prone to clogging than the teflon sets. Good luck.

Hi Sam, thanks for the tips about the sureT. I didn’t know we could reinsert in a pinch or that it’s more prone to clogging. I will keep that in mind.
Have a great day!!