Sure T metal needle

Anyone else feel the metal needle of the sure T’s? How do you avoid it? Any help would be great.

I tried using Tandem’s version of Sure T’s (TruSteel) and would sometimes feel it when I moved. I generally didn’t do anything about it - just tried to avoid the movement that caused the pain.

That’s one of the reasons I ultimately moved back to Autosoft 90’s. I was hoping TruSteel would work better in much-used areas of my abdomen and/or eliminate the issues I was having with Fiasp. It didn’t help. I also didn’t like the shorter tubing length. I’ve used the 43” Autosoft sets (or Animas equivalent) for at least 15 years. Old habits die hard.

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When I order my next order of pump supplies I think I will do 1 box of mio 90’s and a box of Sure T’s. I will use the sure ts strictly for my belly area I think. I seem to go through sites not working very 3 or 4 months. I am hopeful that these episodes will pass.

@Dee_Meloche I use sure it’s in other areas beside my stomach, and occasionally I too feel the needle. Usually the discomfort will disappear after the first day unless I set in the middle of a major muscle group.

I often have pain with TruSteel but find I get my best absorption with it compared to other sets. The first part of this blogpost describes how I sometimes put a Walgreens round bandaid (and actually sometimes two bandaids) to make the inserted part of the needle shorter. I truly wish that there was a 4mm needle in addition to the 6mm and the 8mm. I specify Walgreens bandaids because they are round and slightly smaller than the TruSteel adhesive. The Bandaid brand is now square and somewhat bigger. Two Tandem Infusion Set Tricks | Test Guess and Go


Hey @Laddie, does Omnipod make a metal cannula or is that just the other pump manufacturers?

Will this hack work with the Tsures. I would really like to use a set that rarely gets in a blood vessel. It almost makes me feeling like giving up the pump when I have these problems.

I am going to try this. I have some gauze at home and the next time I order supplies I will try it.

No, Omnipod only has one style/length of cannula. It is much thicker and stiffer than any cannula I have ever used with a tubed pump.

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Darn. Well, I knew you would be able to say for sure. Thank you.

I tried putting a bandaid under the sure t infusion set. Twice I had bleeding under the needle. I didn’t go that high so I must have been getting a little insulin. Upon pulling out the needle I accidentally beant it a bit. I reinserted it into my leg and it isn’t causing me any pain. Maybe that’s what it needs is a little bending in order to not feel it.