Sure wish I knew what my problems were

I am new to ( I have had diabetis for 12 years now...Last year I became insulin resentant. so they took me off of all insulin, and then put me on U500...a very high consentration of insulin...I have brought my A1C levels down from almost 12.0 to 6.8 in a year! My weight gain has been about 20 lbs, and my lower back and hips are constently in the pain has been shooting down my legs, Left leg first then the right, and the past 2 weeks it feels like my nerves are being stretched beyond what they should be, which makes it hard to legs give out, and I have started to occasionally throw a bowl or plate...I am in constant pain and pain pills numb me but the pain doesn't go night I can't sleep due to the pain....Dr. has told me to use a walker or cane at all times to help me walk which I have been doing for a week now....The specialist in nerve's DR I went to this week, told me to lose weight, go to PT...and that I have diabetic .neurotrophy ,,..he admitted all the signs I have show MS or fibromyalgia but it isn't that....

Welcome to Tudiabetes rosebud! congratulations on reducing your A1C. There are a couple of groups on here that would probably be helpful for you. The first is the neuropathy group...I had so much help from the members in that group. The second is a group for Multiple Conditions. I hope you enjoy it here on TuD. Joanne

Thank you I will look into those groups right now

Been there, done that, Rosebud. I have had everything you describe. Horrible, constant pain, numbness, collapsing for no apparent reason, loss of sleep and more. I also have retinopathy. My D was undiagnosed and uncontrolled for a long time, so when I was diagnosed in Oct of 2010 I already had these complications. I was scared to death. I could not imagine living with all this and no one gave me much hope of reversing any of it. Until I came to TuD that is. It took several months to begin to notice some real improvement and almost a year to say that I really felt better. I am now getting some feeling back in my hands and feet and my vision is much improved. I still have a long way to go to say all is back to normal. I also know that may never happen. But the constant pain is gone. It does return for short periods, but that usually precedes a marked improvement.

The key factor in my recovery has been my BG control. I have done everything I can to keep my BG as close to normal as possible. My A1c has been 5.6 or less since Feb of last year (12 mo avg is 5.5). I also take fish oil and r-ala (Alpha Lipoic Acid, the r is important). The ala is also supposed to help with glucose control and may be part of my successful control. Research these things for yourself and make your own choices. As you bring your BG down and as the nerves begin to heal, you will see an increase in the discomfort. This is actually good because it means things are healing.

I have to run, but feel free to ask me anything. It is long and hard work, but it IS doable and well worth the effort.

I second that, ALA and getting your numbers down can help with neuropathy and other diabetes related problems.

I'm sorry to hear you are having such a rough time. I've come to believe that for those of us that are insulin resistant, a low carb diet can really help. Have you tried a low carb diet.

With the U500 insulin I am on, I have to eat 30 to 45 carbs per meal, and 15 carbs per it makes it rough to limit my carbs or I bottom out.

Rosebud, how many units of U500 do you take each day?

Emmy I take 24 unites with breakfast and 20 at dinner.