It’s absolutely amazing to me of what has happened since I found a lump. It has been a very long 10 weeks of discovery, doctor appointments, MRIs, and Biopsies. All in all, the initial news of having Breast Cancer makes you feel like someone just hit you with a Mack truck, but I consider myself lucky that I did catch my cancer early and from the last round of MRIs, it has not spread to my lymph nodes or any other part of my body. This is good news.

So I am on to my Pre-opt appointment today and then surgery on Thursday. My surgeon will remove the entire lump / mass and they will also biopsy my lymph nodes just to make sure. Then it will be on to the Oncologist after I heal to determine my treatment plan of chemo and radiation.

As for my surgery, I did speak to my Endo and since I wear a pump, her instruction to me was to turn my pump to 50% basal that morning. My surgery is not until 11:00 and as you know, you can not eat past midnight the night before. I’ve had a few lows in the middle of the night the past few weeks, so I think I will be eating some form of pasta or pizza the night before. That way I ensure I don’t have a low in the middle of the night and I’ll be full the next morning.

I really don’t mind if I run a little high on Thursday to tell you the truth. I certainly don’t want to drop a low on the operating table. I would rather be in the high 100’s or low 200’s and come out of surgery safe and then once I’m awake, take my correction bolus and get back to my normal numbers.

I will probably not post again until next week. But I’ll make sure to pass on all the details as I want to share this experience in hopes that it helps other Type 1 Diabetics going through cancer or any surgery.

Take care and here’s to a happy surgery!!!