Good news about surgery

I made an appointment to meet with the anesthesialogist at the hospital where I am having surgery at on Friday. The hospital is small enough that there is only one there. He assured me that my pump would still be attached to me and it turns out one of his nurses is on the same insulin pump I am on. He is going to ensure that this nurse is assigned to my case in case something happens during surgery and they have to actually put me to sleep. They are going to put me to sleep long enough to numb my foot and then reduce the medication and wake me up so that I can control my pump. I will not be intubated and I will be in control of my sugar and will be able to make adjustments and tell them if I need sugar and he will have D 50 on hand in case of going low. He also told me that Friday morning, if I am lower than 80 I can have some apple juice only. He is wanting me to run between 120-150 during surgery. While I know the 150 isn’t that high I told him I would rather run between 100-120. I would rather not be high just to reduce my chance of post op infection.

Awesome news! I’m so glad that nurse will be there!!!

Once again, Cody, your persistence and determination are going to result in you getting the care you need. I am proud of you, but also feel majorily p-ssed-off because it’s all up to us…good luck with the surgery and recovery. A heel spur sounds extemely painful.

That’s good news!!! let us know how everything goes.

Thanks for the support. I had to force the issue to meet with Dr. Markham, but in the end I am glad I did. I just didn’t feel safe taking the nurses word on it because I have known nurses to be wrong with they assure you they are right. As most people here know you have to be your own advocate with diabetic care or they will walk all over you. I am also lucky in that my best friend has taken the time to know how to run my pump in an emergency situation and him and his wife both keep fast acting glucose in the vehicles in case I am with them and I crash.