Surgury finally have a date

So i found out when i am having surgury, Febuary 7. they will have to lengthen a ligament and fuse a bone together. i will be out of school for a week. i will have to be in a cast from my toe to my knee for 8 weeks. i wont be able to put any weight on it for 6 weeks then i will be in a boot thing for 2 weeks. it will be swollen for a good 4 months. any tips?

You do of course realize that nobody at school will give you the time of day just cause you have diabetes. But if you walk into school with a cast after surgery and can't even walk on your leg, you will be an absolute star.

My tip. Milk it for everything. Make your mom wait on you hand and foot and make sure that all your friends fawn over you for your submitting as a volunteer for groundbreaking surgery (I could be exaggerating, but you get the idea).

haha! Love bsc's suggestions! Indeed its the perfect time for you to boss others around LOL
Rest up...take control...lots of tender loving care.

Basically just keep a really good eye on your BG's as they're bound to be out of sorts because your body is focused on healing, and your routine is going to change. Not to mention the meds you'll be on.

Just take an easy, and there's no need to rush the recovery process. :)

Love, love, love BSC's suggestions!!

Either way, wishing you a speedy recovery and the best of luck.

Great suggestion from bsc!

Sign your cast from me. I wanted a broken arm because the kids who had big casts & their arms in slings looked cool. I broke my collar bone & was disappointed that I didn't get a cast.

Any body trauma can cause highs, so you'll probably need to up your basal & bolus.

You'll probably get good meds for pain, be sure to take them as once the pain is out of control it's difficult to get it back in control. No shame or harm in taking pain meds if you need them.

Do you get to have a colored cast? I've seen some awesome turquoise and pink ones!

Enjoy being demanding, and don't fret too much if your BG is off for a while.

I broke my ankle 18 mos ago and was in a similar setup. If your body is used to exercise you BG will run higher than normal. Do what the doctors tell you and don't put weight on the leg if you're not supposed to. I wasn't as good about it as I should have been and healing took longer. Just take good care of yourself and the time will pass before you know it.

I agree with Gerri and BSC. Get everyone to sign your cast. I almost felt deprived in my childhood that I never had a cast for people to sign (I did break my wrist and get a cast in my late 20s, but nobody signed it, and I regret that. My grandmother, age 94, just broke her wrist a few months ago - her first broken bone and first cast - and got her first cast and EVERYBODY signed it!).

Have fun with it, You know that smile in your profile picture? Keep that smile on your face. It's beautiful.

I am just going to reiterate what everyone has said. I completely agree with bsc-"Milk it for all it's worth!" Good luck and keep us posted..I will be on the road that week but I will keep checking in !