Finally over

so i finally had surgery and i am now in a big bulky cast. they apperently first cut the back of my leg open to lengthen something but then they cut open my ankel and scraped cartlige off and then put three screws in my foot. i will be in a cast for 8 weeks. 6 of those weeks i wont be able to put any pressure on it ( i kinda already did cuz i fell )then the 2 other weeks ill be walking on it. itt will take 4 months however for it to completly heal. right now i am in so much pain. too bad they dont make medican to make your foot stop itching haha... we finally tried to go down the stairs ( not really but i had to wash my hair in the sink ) so i slid down the stair and back up the stairs. ill have some muscle when everything is back to normal lol

Hi Anna, I'm sorry you have to go through this. I hope you are quite well very soon. I had a cast once. I found that sometimes I would try to slide things in to scratch but please don't because you can injure yourself. You don't want to have another cut in there! Have your mama rub your other leg/foot (not the one in the cast) with lotion every day. I have read studies that show that rubbing the leg/foot/side NOT in the cast helps the side IN the cast heal better and faster. Isn't that funny? It's because our nerves and blood vessels work on both sides at the same time, so rubbing one side increases blood flow and relaxation on both sides. Are our bodies cool or what? Take care!

I think the pain meds generally dehydrate you so it's important to drink lots of water if you are on the good stuff. I've been cast-free so I dunno that much about that but I've had some crashes, etc. and always drink a lot of fluids to stay irrigated! Get well soon!

Happy you're home! Been thinking about you. Did you tell your doctor you need pain meds? No reason to be in pain. Itching, well, that's another story.

Heal fast & rest!

Wishing you well Sweetie. I agree....Pain Meds!! xo

How are you, dear Anna. Hope you get some releif from the pain and the itching...You are young and strong and will heal; even though it will take a bit of time. I once broke my elbow roller skating and was in a cast for 6 weeks, and boy did it itch!! I agree with Jean , do not stick any thing in the cast to scratch it.. I agree with Acid too.. Stay hydrated while on the pain meds.. I did discover that if I drank more water, my skin was not as dry and I did not get the itch so bad.

God bless,

Sounds like you made it through surgery with flying colors, here's wishing you a speedy recovery!

Sorry you had to go thru the surgery but I am sure the results will be worth it. Wishing you a speedy recovery. You are a sweet and brave young lady.

Hi Anna. As you know, I like your photo of your foot in cast. Just keep on keepin' on.

So glad to hear from you! I'm so sorry that you're having pain and itching. When my daughter was about your age, she broke her arm (she's actually broken both arms but not at the same time). I bought her a teddy bear so that when it got itchy, she could itch the bear's belly instead of in her cast... :) I don't think it helped much with the itchy but it was a cute bear anyway!

Take care of yourself Anna! You'll be as good as new before you know it.

Ms. Anna, I am sooooooooo glad you are home!! Take pain meds and keep that leg elevated..Stay hydrated just like everyone says as it does help..Draw a big broccoli flower on the cast for me!!!You're in my prayers and I know you will be kicking butt soon!!!!