Been super busy! Three weeks in school so far. Keeping me busy between cheer and nursing school but I’m keeping it together. Michael has had a rough three weeks though. Bg spikes, lows, and his pod ripped out twice on the playground. Thankfully he has his sister less then five min away to come to the rescue. Funny thing happened today. A woman in Walmart saw me and Michael with our pumps. I had taken him to Walmart to get something for school and Hadley was with me. She saw the pumps or well my pump because I wear those short running shorts so you can see the site (stupid on my part I guess?) but anyway she looks at me and recognized me from being a hs cheerleader and she asks me how embarrassing it is to have to wear that and be a cheerleader. I told her it wasn’t and Michael showed her his, and she said well yal are too skinny to have that aren’t yal? Man people don’t know anything. And I told her that it wasn’t from eating too much and she said I didn’t have to lie about it but to get my weight under control and it’d be fixed. (I weight 107 and michael weights 76 so it ain’t like we’re huge?) oh well.(; lol.

Kelsey,so glad you are doing well . You are such a responsible and active young lady. I am glad that Michael has you for a big sister.. and little Hadley is blessed to have you too. You should have smiole sweetly and resoectfully told thidsnosey woman, your elder of course, so you would be respectful to tell her., "Thank you so much for your concern about our diabetes. It is great you know so much about it, since you have had it for so many years .( she looks puzzled and says" no I do not have it") You continue:Oh, if You don't have it? You MUST have researched it and asked many doctors about it; so you could really help out one of your relatives, right? Thanks for your concern." Then I would say good bye, and move on. You owe no one an explanation. Partuclarly the willfully ignorant.

God bless,