Surprise, lower fasting sugar

Yesterday I went out to eat and got a salad. I ate half for lunch and half for dinner. I also had a pretty big piece of cheesecake in the evening. This morning, I was shocked when my blood sugar was 20 points lower! That cheesecake had a lot of sugar, fat and calories! I have noticed before that when I have mostly salads for a day or no meat, my fasting sugars the next day are lower. Maybe I should eat salad and cheesecake every day!!! Anyone else experience this?

Hard to tell with such vague generalities. I was on a similar diet for several months with 1 piece of cheesecake and and it brought my A1C below 5.5%, and Dexcom Clarity time in range went to 100% for weeks at a time and I was feeling great. My daily cheesecake slice had 375 calories, 36 grams of fat, 7.6 grams of carbohydrates, 3.2 grams of sugar and 7.8 grams of protein.

I was totally enamored with my new diet until my next cholesterol test where my LDL-C went up 20 points and my subfractionation numbers did not look good either so kicked that diet and resolved cholesterol issue.

Thanks for the reply CJ. I am sure the cheesecake I ate had double the calories, fat and sugar. LOL… I have just noticed before when I have a day where I just eat salad for my two main meals, my next day blood sugars are so much lower, even if I eat a dessert. I am not advocating a cheesecake diet. I am quite sure the cholesterol and LDL would go way up!!! I am hoping my Endo will finally send my script for the Dexcom to my pharmacy. I try not to bug them too much. Thanks again for your reply and best of health to you!

Hi,Jean. Are you a Type2 on insulin? My special thing this week was fresh blueberry pie with our own berries. One slice per summer. I froze some berries ,too. I will have some on my oatmeal tomorrow. Still doing my steps and gardening. Nancy50

Yes, I am a type 2 on insulin… I just started a few weeks ago when Victoza started giving me a strange pain in my upper right abdomen. The Endo took me off Victoza and started me on Levemir and Novolog. I miss how well the Victoza worked for me. I even tried the 0.6 dose but it still gave me a pain…
Blueberries are so awesome!!! I can’t imagine how good home grown ones are!