Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with Diabetes -- What's your plan?


Thank you so much for recommending these books! I am always on the lookout for another Zombie Apocalypse film or book…


This series has what my husband calls “strong female role models”–you’ll see! Ringo writes a lot of military sci fic (husband is a real fan) but this series has more general appeal. And reading it did make me think about adding insulin and diabetes supplies to our food storage inventory!


After last Walking Dead episode I figure I just wouldn’t make it. First all my equipment is the rechargeable type so no power no equipment. Also I figure a bad low and me making way to much noise (crying, laughing screamin) the zombies would come running. And yes I do horde things from a diabetes stand point but eventually you’re going to run out. But just think we’d back to the dark ages of never knowing what the blood sugar levels are or even having insulin. No thanks. Someone who is now starving themselves would just drag down the group.


Pharmacy raid for sure.



best. answer. ever.


stockpiling guns and ammo & food & water & insulin i call in refills when we don’t need any insulin.


I’m with Sally. In a Zombie Apocalypse where the dead have risen to eat the living, me fumbling around with needles and meters does not seem plausible.

And yet, since Zombies don’t exist and we “made them up”… Lets just “make up” the idea that I could invent a way to make your own insulin.

I’d be healthy and surrounded by diabetic lackeys wanting insulin. Ha ha



Zombie lancets of course… BIG ones