Swimming again

Swimming tonight was pretty good. I did 1.5 km in total. I wanted to do 2 km, but I missed the bus, and the schedule worked out so that I couldn't fit more swimming time in.

At 6:00 I was 7.2 (130) and had dinner, 30g, which I bolused fully for. At 7:00 I turned my pump off for an hour because I wanted to swim and still had about 2.5u of insulin on board. Then I missed the bus, so swimming got delayed.

At 7:50 I was 7.9 (142). At 8:25, right before swimming, I was 9.8 (176). I swam for 1 km which took me 34 minutes (I timed this time) including some rest stops. Then I tested and was 9.1 (164) at 9:15. I swam for another half km which took 18 minutes. After that at 9:45 I was 7.0 (126).

I got changed and stopped to pick up groceries and such on the way home. A while after I got home, at 10:45, I tested at 14.5 (261) and did a correction.

Still trying to figure out the BG stuff, but at least I went tonight on a Friday evening when I got home later than I thought and then missed the bus—and it was raining! Lots of reasons to not go, but I did.

Good job Jen! After exercise my Bg always goes up also. Good luck with figuring this out.

That's tough to have to rely on public transportation to do swimming! Way to go!! When I started running, I'd turn my pump way down (7%, because 7 is lucky. Or 13%) or off more often. These days I don't do that as much as it seems likely to lead to highs more often than not. I haven't figured any of my "numbers" out but I figure if the unit for a basal drops me 40 points or so, if I skip an hour of basal (really, .8U but whatever...) that would boost things about 40 points. I think that having a little bit of insulin can help. I'd probably have corrected the 176 but cut the bolus to 1/3 of the normal amount, to "cover" the exercise? I love to eat when I'm done so I sort of try to engineer a decent number to be set up for that. I'm not shy about bolusing during exercise, often very small boluses. I did several .3U at a time during the marathon, they didn't work that fast (Gatorade on board too...) but eventually, when it started to come down, it seemed to be a pretty soft landing. I think the 176 to 164 to 126 numbers swimming are GREAT results though. Very flat for 1/2 hour and then the drop, which could be managed very nicely with a small snack if it were say 150-140-110 or something a bit lower on the scale!

I think it was okay during swimming, could have been better afterward! I was 14.5 (261) at 10:45 which I corrected fully, and then 16.6 (299) at 1:00 which I also corrected fully, and then 11.8 (212) at 3:00 which I also corrected fully (minus IOB of course). Then I was finally 4.2 (76) when waking up at 9:00. I think my A1c is going to go up from exercising if this keeps happening! LOL.

I don't exercise for my BG, I exercise for my heart rate!! It's great to go to the doctor and the nurse takes my pulse, usually after I'm weighed, in clothes, which sucks as it adds 7 lbs, and goes "your pulse is 52, do you run?" instead of "you have DIABETES" and it always makes me happy to be a "runner" rather than a "person with diabetes," although I'm sort of proud of that too...

Jen , I may have missed this but have you tried immediately after your exercise given a minimal bolus ??? ...different number for all of us ..