2 km

I swam 2 km tonight. I could have done more, but it was going on 9:30 so I thought I better get out to make sure I caught the 10:08 bus.

It took me an hour and seven minutes to swim the 2 km (that's including time I stopped to rest between some laps).

I ate dinner (20g carbs) about two hours before swimming. Did a 50% reduction in bolus. My blood sugar was 10.7 (193) before starting, 4.6 (83) after finishing, and 8.9 (160) when I got home an hour later (I showered fully and also stopped for groceries). I didn't reduce my basal rate at all. I think I'm finally getting a better hang of how to handle my blood sugar.

I may go again Sunday during the day sometime. If not, I'll definitely be going Monday night.

I'd say "awesome job on BG" but am also stunned by swimming that much! Thanks for keeping the reports coming, even on Friday night and I'm glad to hear that you're keeping your BG in line while your pushing yourself! I've been in the exercise doldrums lately. I *really* have to drag myself out. I feel great afterwards but it requires a lot of talking in my head to get going.

The best thing about Friday night was waking up this morning and thinking about getting ready for work, then realizing it's Saturday.

Worst thing was I woke up at 18.1 (326). Blah!

Glad your getting better at handling your BG with swimming. The city is refurbishing the swimming pool that I use. It should be finished somtime in December. Can't wait to get back in the water.

I corrected the 18.1 (326) and went back to sleep, and just now woke up three hours later at 2.4 (43). At least this type of thing didn't happen while swimming ..

Where'd the 18.1 come from? The groceries? I go up sometimes after I run hard or lift but not like that. But I'm sort of weird in that I'll "freak out" and attack like 120s or 130s so maybe it's similar.

Well done Jen for keeping with it, you are learning so much.

Today I went for a bike ride and finished up at 98. As soon as I check my BG after the ride I give myself 5 unit bolus and crank up the basal rate 50% for 2 hours and still go up to 167 an hour later. Came down without going low so I guess that is a big plus.

Not sure where the 18.1 or the 2.4 came from, but I spent ALL DAY yesterday stuck around 14 (250)! I put all my pump settings up, finally changed my site and this morning I'm down to 9.1 (164). If I'm high after breakfast I'll put all my settings up even more. When stuff like this happens I really have no idea what causes it, nothing obvious has changed in anything.

It would drive you round the bend altogether. I was sitting at around 9.0 to 12.0 one week, then without a thing changing I went down to 4.0 - 7.0, it must've been hormones, blame everything on them. It's so annoying when you are adhering to everything and it still acts up.

Every morning since Oct. 14th I have done a morning BBT. A walk with my dog for 30 minutes. It's not strenuous because he insists upon lifting his leg a million times, but every single morning my blood sugar has gone up. Every single morning except for Thursday when I left the house at 124 and came home at 59. The next day it was back to "normal" went from 83 to 144 and so the beat goes on. Hormones, phase of the moon ? who knows, but YDMV. And so long as you keep swimming you'll work out the nuances of it.