Swimming high

I swam 1.5 km tonight. It took me an hour to swim that because I was going so slow, had no energy at all. I was 10.6 (191) before dinner and reduced my bolus by about 25%. Just over an hour later before swimming I was 13.9 (250) and should have done a 1/2 correction but didn't.

After swimming I had only gone down to 10.7 (193), so I corrected that fully.

An hour and a half later when I got home I was 13.0 (234), and I've corrected that (minus IOB of course) and will change my site as it started getting extremely itchy while I was swimming.

I thought I had my blood sugars sorted out this morning, but since early afternoon I have been up around 11 (200) non-stop. It's getting so irritating. I'll put up my pump settings even more, but it's getting ridiculous. I don't understand how I can be doing everything right and still have such bad control. Today I've been correcting constantly, only ate 83 grams of carbohydrates, and swam for an hour. I just get sooooo annoyed!!!

I'm not swimming tomorrow, probably go again on Wednesday.

Exercise and BG control are a pain. After exercise with a BG that high I would of done a correction and increased my basal rate by 50% for 2 hours.

Good luck with your next swim. Hope it goes smoother for you.

Woke up this morning at 6.3 (113), so HOPEFULLY today will be the day I don't spend most of it high!

How do people come up with the % basal and amount of time to increase it for? I've heard a few people do this, and I've tried it a few times. Sometimes a +20% for four hours plus a correction makes me go low, sometimes (like the past few days) doing a +20% for four hours does nothing.

I have done this by trial and error. I would test every 30 minutes after exercise until my BG goes back to being stable and most of the insulin is out of my system.

I usually just crank my basal up to 200% if my BG is off but, with the CGM it's easier to see when it reaches the "crossover point" and starts coming down, often just an hour.