Swimming with a Pump

We are new to the animas ping pump, how do people handle swimming? Do you take it off and check every hour? Do you bolas every so often?

Normally I just leave my pump connected. The pump itself is waterproof to 12 feet deep for up to 24 hours. The meter remote is not waterproof at all and must be kept dry. Depending on how vigorously you are swimming you may need to set a reduced temporary basal rate.

If your doing something like snorkling deeper than 12 feet you will need to disconnect and periodically check. You may bolus an amount for your basal in advance but, once again, if your going to be very actively swimming you may need to reduce the amount.

I love to vacation in Mexico. I’ve gone for up to two weeks at a time, swam every day and never disconnected except to change infusion sets and cartridges.

I also keep mine on most of the time when I’m swimming or kayaking - I like having some amount of insulin on board, even though I almost always reduce my basal.

Well that’s the beauty of using an Animas Ping…It can be submerged, so you don’t have to disconnect at all!

I take mine off to swim, mostly because I am in the ocean more often then a pool and do not want to accidentally lose it. Plus I “swim” at depth more than 12 feet… :slight_smile:

I have gone up to 2 hours swimming without the pump and usually come out fine. I actually even eat 20-30g of carbs without a bolus. The amount of activity reduces my need for a basal during that time, but then I am actively swimming constantly, not just hanging out in the water. I think it’s a bit of trial and error. If it is a pool, you might as well keep it on as I do, but ALWAYS have back up insertions with you because they get pulled off more easily since it’s harder to tuck away tubing in a bathing suit.

Does anyone swim with the minimed pump?

I just clip the pump to my bathing suit…and lower the basal rate, of course.

I never did, when I had a Paradigm 722. I don’t know if their newer one(s) are waterproof, but that one wasn’t supposed to be submerged.

Thanks all for the advice. We ended up taking it off of her and everything went great. Then she went to take her swim suit off and caught the suit on the inset and ripped it off LOL.

I have always had a minimed pump, now I have the Revel. It is not waterproof. I just take mine off and keep a check on the blood sugar. Not as good as one that can get wet!

Tina, A couple of months ago I purchased an waterproof insulin pump case from aquapac for my minimed pump: http://www.aquapac.net/usastore/water-electronics-insulin-891-0.html

I have been swimming twice with it and was very impressed with it. I have not had much luck with disconnecting and swimming and reconnecting to bolus as needed. This product allows me to stay connected and monitor the CGM (as some of the plastic is seethrough). Other users have recomended that you put a piece of papertowel or 2 in the waterproof case to help you detect if a leak has occured.

Aquapac is like a bulky belt (if that is where you choose to wear it), and the plastic used for waterproofing is a little on the thin side for something so important to me (so I am extra careful not to rip or tear it). Some users have also reported a small decrease in basal rates/effectiveness from the aquapac pinching the tubing.