To be connected or disconnected...that is the question.......regarding swimming

My son is starting a day camp soon. He will swim twice a day , roughly an hour at a time. If we decide to disconnect, I will have to train 3 different staff working with my son (at different times). If we do not disconnect then obviously no training other than bolus snack/ meal stuff and emergency related issues would be necessary.
We have not done a test drive yet regarding swimming, immersion, etc. Call me a non believer but I am hesitant to test fate or in this a case high end man made technological necessity…anyone have any thoughts or expierience?..Thanks!

I’m right there with you Courtney. I don’t know that I’ll swim with mine until I can be certain that Animas will cover any damage as part of their warranty program. After all, they are the ones using the water proof at 12 feet for 24 hours as a selling point. Let 'em put their money where their mouth is, or quit saying it.

Has anyone had to replace a Ping because of a leak in the waterproofing? If so, who paid for the replacement?



I swim with mine all the time. It is awesome to be able to jump in the water and not worry about disconnecting. As long as your battery cap is on proper and the seal is not wore out then you are good. It is water proof for 24 hours in 12 foot of water. It should be covered as long as the seal is not wore out and there are no cracks. I get in pools and lakes, it is really easy to disconnect also if you do not want to swim with it. Just make sure you put the little piece in where you connect if you get in the lake to protect yourself from infection. The little piece that looks like a trident.

Willow swims all the time with hers. SHe is 8 and is usually down to the pool before I can get all the gear out of the car. The only time I make her disconnect is when we check and she is running below 100. Then I will have her disconnect and eat a small snack and go unthetherd for an hour or so. But as far as the pump - no problems - we even wore it while at the beach. I did have her disconnect in the ocean but even with all the sand and everything - we have had no problems. . . I love how tough this little machine is.

I tried to find an answer on another pump support group I belong to and I got an email with a ton of information in it. I would repost it here but like I said it is a TON of information. If you would like me to forward a copy of the email send me a request to and I will forward it.

i just got on the one touch ping on Wednesday, June 24. and i swam with mine. i felt weird because it was electronic and i was a little worried water would get in it somehow. but it still works well. =)
The only thing is swimming makes me go lower so if i swim with my pump on, i’ll get low.

hey Vicki.
if i understand, willow swim with his animas 2020. My son have an animas 2020 since 3 month, and i want him to “swim” (he have 2 years old) in my swimming pool, but i’m not sure it’s possible. My doctor say “i don’t know, i don’t have an expérience…” So, what to you do exactly, how many time etc…


we just came back from a vacation where Abbie (6) was in the water everyday. We did swimming both ways (pump on and disconnected). It worked great. Just make sure that the battery cap is sealed properly and that any extra tubing is tucked in somewhere so it doesn’t get pulled when the kids are horsing around. And that you’ve got the set secured – we did skin-tac and then an IV cover over that and everything stayed in place.

good luck!

yes Willow swims daily with hers. We are actually experiencing more highs than lows lately - not pump related (I don;t think) so I have her wear hers continuously. Animas quotes that they have “waterproof” pumps.One of the reasons we chose. If you have your son wear the pump while swimming - check him frequently - at least every hour to be sure that he is not dropping too quickly. As other posters have said - swimming can often make them drop and go low. I take gatorade and other quick carbs as well as protein to the pool with us. We basically snack all day and play all day and so far so good. I just use the little clip and clip it to her bathing suit.

Good luck!

No but we did just have our pump replaced due to battery issues. They overnighted we got the new one today. If your pump is under warranty - and you call them as you have problems - not months after - they should replace it. It is part of the warranty.

I have had nothing but WONDERFUL customer service with them . . . and we swim all the time!

I will say that we take precautions - I have a skin to help with scratches or dents, and a screen protector from - but my child is 8 and is VERY hard on her pump. It has been banged into the fireplace, is worn while playing soccer and other contact type sports - while trampolining, swimming, wrestling with her sisters, dancing, riding bikes in the woods . . .

Lindsey - do you lower you basal rate when you swim? With any exercise - I find I have to lower my basal rate - otherwise I go low (but then the reward maybe something sweet and yummy - but I’m supposed to be losing weight - so that isn’t good).

Yes Courtney, I think we’re all doing well with our Animas pumps - this is the reason why I chose it over the Medtronic pump (plus I like the colours of the pump). I know I was afraid at first when I swam in salt water (I always think of the corrosion that salt) - but I always rinse off the pump when I get out of the water.

As Vicki S says - I’ve had no problems with the customer service here in Canada! I find them again, better then Medtronic customer service was when I had to call them up.

Depending on how old your son is could you train him to disconnect his set and reconnect it? Also can he be trusted or trained to give boluses?