Swimming with Dexcom

Do any others swim with dexcom sensor? I met someone in Y pool locker room with dxcm. He covers his sensor/transmitter with a clear plastic dressing bandage type material. He said that he first started using dxcm before the dxcm 7 when it was not waterproof.

My sensor seems to work ok after swimming, but sometimes stops reading accurately before the 7 days (let alone go longer).

I’ve swam with mine - even water skiied and it’s been just fine. I think the longest I’ve had it continuously submerged in the water has been an hour or so though.

I was told if I want to swim with the Sensor in to call Dexcom and ask their advice on how to keep it dry…I have not had the urge to swim yet. LOL they told me it is water resistant and not water proof so swimming with it isn’t a good idea unless it is totally covered with something.

From the user manual:

Your Sensor (including the installed Transmitter) is water resistant when showering, bathing, or
swimming. The Sensor has been tested to be water resistant when submerged for up to 3 ft for a
maximum of 30 minutes. For added protection you can use a shower cover. The Receiver is
not water resistant. Do not get your Receiver wet at any time.

I don’t see why they’d indicate that you need to keep it dry to go swimming.

I swim 2-3 times per week. The only issue I have is that after it starts reading again, it is usually a little inaccurate. I usually do a finger stick right after to fix this and it’s ok.

The biggest issue with swimming is the adhesive comes off much faster than if you don’t swim. I started wearing it on the side of my butt (about 2 inches below the belt) and the adhesive hasn’t been a problem.

I surf with mine, no problem. I just cover it with a piece of adhesive to hold it down. No problems.

I’ve swam with mine many times, both in pools and in the ocean, for well over 30 minutes, without experiencing any problems. I also have had no problems with the sensor a Jacuzzi.

No cover used and no problem here. I swim and water ski with my sensor on at least 4 times a week. If not more. Also spending LONG periods of time in and around the water with no problem. Like Steve_B I find that the adhesive does come off quicker when it’s been in the water for long periods of time. I try everytime I get out to use a towel and push down on the adhesive to dry it and help it remain stuck. As far as accuracy being effected I haven’t noticed any of that. And I still get at least 10 to 14 days per sensor! No worries

I spent 2.5hrs in the water yesterday and had no problems at all. I haven’t had issues swimming other than the adhesive going bad faster. The first wk or so after getting my system it would not read for 30 mins to an hr after showering and since then I haven’t had issues. It reads and is accurate in my case.