Switch from insulin to Trulicity or other

Hi. I was diagnosed as type 2 close to 20 years ago. Have been using insulin for around 10 yrs after oral meds stopped working. With all the new meds on the market now, wondering if you can switch from insulin to Trulicity or any of the other newer meds, and if they would work as well. Just wondering. Thanks!

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Yes While on Insulin and reduce the insulin dose accordingly. You can add a GLP-1.
You can also add a SGLT2 (if you have your own insulin output and are an insulin resistant T2). for a 3 med treatment

It will depend on why the orals stopped working for you. While I still take Metformin I have been on Lantus for maybe 10 years and this year added rapid insulin as well. I haven’t been tested but I suspect my beta cells are tired out. They still produce some insulin which makes dosing and exercising a bit of a juggling act.

If you have access to a really good endocrinologist who specializes in diabetes you should consult them. What I know from others is that some endos are great and others not so great - just like the rest of us humans.

Anyway give Trulicity a try, some find it great others have gastric and/or other problems just like any drug. Or it may not do much. Years ago my doctor tried a new drug on me, Janumet. It was tier 1 and the co-pay was quite high. after 6 months I told him to not renew it any longer as it did not work as well as the higher dose of Metformin alone I had been taking and Met is cheap.

I know, that Luis can go on and on.