Any updates on Trulicity?

I was diagnosed T2 May 1st of this year (A1C 11.9 BGL 400) when I was admitted for a heart attack. It took me a few months to get in to see an endo or a diabetes educator. I learned a whole bunch from the good folks on here waiting for those appointments. Thanks for that!

I’m 57, male, 100 lbs over weight, with aortic stenosis (bad heart valve). I have slowly titrated up from 25 units of Lantus to 46 units. I have been playing with intermittent fasting (omad) 5 days a week for the past month. I take 10 units of Humalog when my feet hit the floor to combat the morning spike and 10 units before my evening meal (only meal of the day, LCHF, no snacks). I also take a handful of heart meds every day. I also use a Freestyle Libre and confirm with a fingerstick when in doubt.

I had my second appointment with my endo today. Although I have nothing to compare, I’m very happy so far, CDE is awesome, too. A1C is 6.4, 90% in range and no lows. I thought he was going to do cartwheels. I would have, but figured I’d break something.

We discussed my heart issue and the fact that despite omad and 1400 calories/day, I am struggling to lose weight (averaging maybe a pound per week). I do need to exercise more. He suggested that I would be a good candidate for Trulicity and thoroughly explained why. My search here produced mainly older posts, so I thought I see if there was any new information or opinions about Trulicity as a once weekly replacement for my mealtime Humalog. Thanks in advance.

NOTE: I have not taken Trulicity.

Trulicity is a GLP-1 agonist
Humalog is a fast acting meal time insulin

I think its unlikely if you take Trulicity that you won’t need to take insulin. Trulicity may reduce the amount of insulin you take though.

If your taking 10 units of insulin prior to a meal your still going to need insulin just maybe a little less if your taking Trulicity.

Keeping your sugar in range is very important to protect your health long term and with a heart issue as well.

Trulicity I believe on average helps people lower their A1C about 1%.

If your kidney’s are healthy you might also consider taking an SGLT-2 inhibitor like Jaridance.

Both SGLT-2’s and GLP-1 agonist have been shown to improve cardiovascular outcomes.