Switch to pump?

I have been T1 for the past 6 month, A1c when daignosed was over 9. 3 months later it dropped to 8.1 and now in November it’s 6.7. I have gained so much weight since diagnosed, was told the insulin causes weight gain (on Lantus and Apidra). Would the pump provide a better control and help me stabilize my weight?

Insulin does not cause weight gain, eating does. If you feel that you have to eat too much to prevent lows then reduce your insulin dose.

I’ve been on a pump for 6 months, and a T1 since I was 9 (currently 28). I actually was gaining a lot of weight on shots, and my TDD was around 80 units a day - I was eating too much. Once I got on the pump, I’m down to around 60 units a day or less, and I’m eating a lot healthier - went from 240 pounds at the start of this year down to 213 right now, with just changes in life style (no heavy exercising or anything like that). The pump won’t do everything for you, but in my case at least it helped promote good behavior that allowed me to get closer to a healthy weight. Good luck!

My experience was the same as Michael’s. Being on the pump can be a more efficient use of insulin, and the less insulin you use, the less weight you will retain (to a point and with exceptions).

When I went on the pump, my insulin requirements went down by 25% and I lost 20 pounds without doing anything else different.

Why do I say to a point and with exceptions? Three months ago, I switched from Humalog in my pump to Apidra and lowered my insulin requirements by another 20%, but I haven’t lost an ounce. I’m not currently overweight but was hoping to maybe cut a few pounds for my next marathon. I like the Apidra, but I wasn’t able to lose the four pounds I hoped to (yet).

My conclusion? If you’re overweight and go on the pump, you might be able to lose some weight. But lower insulin doesn’t always mean lower weight.

Thank you all for the feedback. Will wait for my next A1c test and then decide if I will start pumping. Sounds like it helps to control the BGLs but I’m not to keen about having the pump attached to me 24/7…

I’ve had a pump attached to me for about 20 years now (more like 22) and I feel lost without it. Yes at first it took sometime to get used to but now well…if it’s not on me I’m looking for it! Don’t worry if you make the desision to get one you will get used to it and wonder why you ever had trouble deciding on the quest. My oldest is pumping too and feels lost without hers also. The better bs control is really a plus too!!!

Thanks for the reply Doris. I have some questions regarding the pump, does it get in the way when you are sleeping? Can you disconnect it for a few hours or will the cause problems ? I just can’t imagine being attached to the pump all the time

Sometimes it gets in the way when you’re sleeping but you usually don’t notice it. You can take it off for about an hour at a time without your sugar moving much, and some people take it off for longer and take longer acting insulins in between.

The first few days felt a little weird being hooked up but I was surprised how quick I got used to it. I’d never consider going off now.

Marcus, what do you like about Apidra over Humalog?