Gaining weight on pump

i’m wondering if anyone new to pumping has experienced what I have these past 6 weeks. i was only diagnosed last year and had been on shots since last april. then in may (6 weeks ago), i started the pump. since i started, i’ve gained 7 pounds! i’m not taking any more insulin than i did on shots; in fact, i’m taking less! and i don’t take that much to begin with; i’m LADA and may still be making a tiny bit of insulin. my basal is only 9.3 per day; and i typically end with a total of 14-20 units per day for all my basal and bolus put together.

the good news is that my a1c is dropping. it was 6.6 before the pump; it’s now 6.4, and that’s only after 6 weeks! but i don’t like gaining the weight, especially since i’ve fought so hard to lose weight several years ago (about 90 pounds). the last thing i want to do is start gaining again! i eat fairly healthy and exercise 2-3 hours a day!

any feedback/suggestions would be appreciated!

When I switched to insulin I did gain some weight, but it was because my body was finally getting the nutrients that it had missed while I was not properly being cared for. When my blood sugar was completely unstable the nutrients were not getting to me so I was basically starving to death. I lost 100lbs in 6 mos because of that. Once I was on insulin I was able to use the calories that I was eating but then started to put on a lot of weight quickly, I put on about 20lbs in one month, I was afraid of gaining it ALL back but my doctor explained it was temporary as my body was getting used to getting fuel through the right places. I’m on a pump now, I have no gained any weight and in fact I seem to be loosing weight and only swim for about an hour a day. I’d keep an eye on your thyroid as diabetics are more prone to thyroid diseases.

Hoping the Best,
Blessed Diabetic

well . . . that’s the other problem. i was also diagnosed with hashimotos last july, and i’ve been on meds for that too. yet still i’ve gained weight - very frustrating!