Pump Warranty Expiring...Question

OK, I have awhile yet but my Animas is going out of warranty later this summer.
I know there really isnt anything new on the market that I want, I also know my copay is $2500 to 3000 on a new pump and I do not have the funds.
Anyone know if they make any kind of extended warranty available for pumpers who cant afford to buy brand new? I sure want to be ready in case this one breaks, but with the economy hitting us hard there isnt a way I can afford my fifty percent deductible.
Thanks for any info if you have it.

Laura I don’t know which Animas pump you have, but if it’s an older model I believe they will upgrade to the newest one for $299.

I dont think so.
It’s a Ping. I traded my Cozmo under their program for that, and my Cozmo warranty would be up this summer. They essentially took over the warranty so…

Laura how long have you had the Ping? I traded my Cozmo in at the beginning of the year and they were going to give me a 2 year warranty on a used Ping. I would call the Animas customer service and check into it.

Yep, they are not emailing back so I guess a call will have to be made.
I’d like to make plans to extend the warranty (my Cozmo would have been up in July so they are covering the Ping the same way, since I paid to trade the Cozmo in for the Ping).
I would love to see if the new Solo pump is out in 2012, maybe consder getting a tubeless pump. That would be nice.
I dont want an Omnipod since it doesnt like hot tubs and I have one of those which gets used a lot!

Interesting, If Medicaid or Medicare help pay for it, it should be covered for the 5 years. Another option is HOMEOWNERS, yeah I did get a rider for my pump, the day my pump arrived I called my agent and said that I needed to add $10K in coverage, she thought the pumps were only a couple hundred dollars… Nope try around $8300 I responded…

Not cheap by any means, but worth every cent in coverage!

I think it’s the insulin that doesn’t like hot tubs, rather than the pump. The animas manual advises against taking it in hot tubs as well, as the hot water can affect the insulin. They suggest removing at the pump connection.

Right, and since I have a regularly used hot tub, the pod wont work because you either have to wear it somewhere that doesnt hit the water, or throw it away (plus I dont like the idea of the thing dying every 72 hours).
The Solo pump will be on a better track for some of us because with theirs you can remove the insulin part…

I forget the stipulations for homeowners coverage but an out of warranty pump is probably not in there…

I don’t know about the upgrade program will have to check into that but there is no extended waranty. I just checked into that b/c my Cozmo would run out this May and I’m looking at having to get another one as well. Aetna now requires your pump to actually have a problem. My problem is that it’s not waranted. ha ha Good luck and please post if you find out something. Iwill as well.

Yes they only upgrade from an older model not an older ping. I just checked on that. :o(

Gues they wouldnt take my 1200? LOL…

Best of luck to any of us in this position.

Well, got my answer. Minimed will take a trade in, give a new Revel pump for $500 with four year warranty. They can do that the day after your warranty is up.
Animas wont do anything if you hold a Ping already like I do.
Therefore you have to go without a warranty, wait for the pump to die and then they will provide a loaner till you fund a new pump. I think they charge you if you do not buy their pump at that time. A new one is of course around $6000, which is bad if you have a fifty percent copay like I do. She said an older model 2020 isnt going to be hardly any cheaper than a Ping system new.

If you have a Cozmo going out of warranty, you may want to call Animas and get into the EZ Access program. I think she said the current offer is ending this Friday. They may help you, since you do not have a Ping now Sandy.

I hate to say it but I may just get the Minimed. For $500 I would have a brand new pump with a four year warranty.
I dont like them, but Animas isnt trying to do anything except sell another $6000 pump. And I think in a couple years I would have more options than either of these companies and so spending $500 seems more sensible. I’m expecting by then a patch pump may be out which is better than the Omnipod (Solo maybe?).
Or those iphone type pumps may be out.

I just dont think I want to buy a brand new ping…

I know many people who keep using them even when the warranty is done. They have a good back up plan (like lantus or levemir around) so if it happens to die they will be ok for a few days. IF the Solo is not out by the time your pump breaks (if it even does) you can go with Medtronic at that point. I think the Solo will launch at the expected time. Every other pump company is having problems because of the FDA. The Solo is already FDA approved. Roche is just building the infastructure so they can launch it in all pump markets at the same time. So when they say first part of 2012 then I bet that is when it will be. May be worth holding on to your $500 and seeing if you can’t “squeak” through with your current Ping.

That is a thought. I do know my HMO is dreadfully slow at getting new pumps approved, usually two or three months. And so I wouldnt want to be on shots. I’m also thinking, the Solo might take awhile to be accepted through my HMO. They are truly behind the times!

I definitely feel that spending for a brand new Ping system is just silly, especially since it will be old news one of these days!

My “OK” button is faded out too, and the rep said maybe I want to trade this pink ping in while is is under warranty so at least it is a bit newer. Not sure if that is a good idea or not?

This may be a way to get a “fresher” pump for when you want to “hold out” without a warranty. But if yours has been working well for 2 years with no other problems but a fading button it could be less of a crapshoot to just keep the one you have. It’s kind of like buying a used car. You just never know for sure.
I understand about not wanting to be on shots for 3 months. I guess my point is that if something goes amiss while you are holding out you always have the Revel to fall back on for the $500. Who knows at that point Animas may have their new pump out that may be worth paying for a brand new pump. Maybe the Solo will be out etc…Things go slowly in this market and seems when there is a change there are a whole lot of changes.

How long ago did you trade in for the Ping? Their promotions usually say for the life of your current warranty or 2 years whichever is greater.

Agreed, and the changes always happen after you buy something!
One other thing I forgot to mention, this Ping is a refurbished Ping.
That was what they offered Cozmo users. So it wasnt purchased new.
Closer to warranty time I’m going to review things with MM to make sure that offer even holds true…
Btw, I screwed up my Solo sample so I have no clue how long the thing really sticks for!

Yeah, they bought the Cozmo warranty (paid $200 for the program), trading the Cozmo for the Ping.
They put a $700 charge on and then credited back $500 when they received the Cozmo.
So that warranty is up in Aug.