Switching to Humulin 50/50

I am currently on Lantus 12 unit in the evening and 3 units of Apidra with meals.

It works wonderfully (at least for the efficacy part). However, I would like to be able to inject only 2 time a day instead of 4 because of my crazy schedule in the middle of the day. Also I am not a big fan of Lantus (albeit its good efficacy) because it give some injection site pain and its lquestionable long-term safety (all those cancer trials) . Anyhow, my doctor proposed Humulin 50/50 but he warned me that I will have a lot more problems with lows and highs (which I almost don’t have at all now).

Anyone can share their experience with this?

Thanks a lot

Hi Oggy,

Your current regimen of multiple injections allows for tighter control and convenience. You’ll have to plan to get x number of grams of carb at the peak of the regular portion of 50/50, then be on the lookout for lows as the NPH portion peaks some 6-10 hours later. It’s all about action curves and trying to most closely fit them with rising BG. Insulin analogs allow us to do this. You simply will have a harder time with control with 50/50. When I was first diagnosed, I was on 70/30 until they could figure if my C-Peptide was stable and then switch me to Novolog/Lantus. For those first few weeks, I had 12 units in the AM and 10 at 6 pm. I HAD to eat lunch, exactly so many carbs, at the peak of the morning’s NPH portion, otherwise my BG would be off for the rest of the day. I was very happy to get off that regimen so that I could eat when and what I wanted. It sounds like having NPH peak in the middle of the day would only further complicate your schedule. Best wishes, Sutton

Levemir is another brand of basal. Levemir doesn’t sting & for many it’s more stable than Lantus. I’m doing far better on Levemir.

Agree with your doctor that 50/50 is problematic. With your crazy afternoon schedule, 50/50 will make things crazier regarding timing, meals & highs/lows.

Especially due to your crazy schedule is why you would want to stay on your current regimen of Lantus and Apidra. With the 50/50 you will have to “feed” the insulin - or eat at exact times every day so you don’t go low. THere is not much flexibility with it.

Wowww thank you all for your advices.
I know now that it is not my doctor who is pushing newest (and more expensive ) treatment for no reason. I have my little thing agains medical profession treating patients as a business.
I heard that Humalog 50 50 may be better because it has shorter peak?
Anyhow, I will stay on current treatment until end of May for sure. By then I will figure out what to do. I don’t know why, I guess my explorative nature (in addition to liking the idea of two shoots instead of four) wants me to try another treatment.
Thanks a million

You’ve got a good doctor.

50/50 is unpredictable & asking for problems.